Despite Hurdle, Olah Still A 'Cat

When the early signing period ended, Northwestern coaches had only received letters of intent from two of their three commits. Senior center Alex Olah had yet to send in his letter. Olah faced some hurdles in sending his letter of intent, but reiterates his commitment to Northwestern. Get the details in this update.

Senior center Alex Olah has the intent to play for Northwestern, but had a difficult time in making the news official.

When the early signing period came in November, Olah, who currently lives in Whitestown, IN., had a few extra steps to take in order to send in his letter of intent.

Olah had to send his letter back to his parents in his native Romania, before it could be sent in to Northwestern. However, there was a problem.

"The letter was sent to late and my parents from Romania had to read it, translate it, and of course they had questions about it. They said that they can't sign it in such a short time."

By the time the early signing period was over, Northwestern coaches had received two letters—one from Kale Abrahamson, the other from Sanjay Lumpkin. Olah now has to wait till the regular basketball signing period starts on April 16th.

Olah frequently speaks with Northwestern coaches, specifically assistant coach Ivan Vujic, who served as the lead recruiter for Olah and AAU teammate Milos Kostic, who committed on the same day. Olah visited Northwestern for its game with Baylor, and hopes to attend more games during the season.

Though his future as a Wildcat is not technically official, Olah reaffirmed he is still "100 percent committed" to Northwestern.

Olah has helped his Traders Point Christian team reel off eight consecutive wins after an 0-3 start.

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