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There've been a few stories up in Chicago that bear comment...<br><br> Here are the coach's...

Random Thoughts on Changing Coaches, Doctor's Records and Sammy...
Changing Coaches:

We've all seen the various comments in other places about the management style of outgoing Athletic Director Rick Taylor, but you have to admire the way he's handled the changes in the head jobs first in the Softball, then Cross Country, and now Field Hockey teams.

When Sharon Drysdale decided to retire, she had developed her replacement in house and look where Kate Drohan took the the team this year, with every indication that the with women's softball team may continue to be one of the Big 10's elite programs.

Cross Country came out of nowhere and got a new coach, Amy Tush, the next year. Taylor found her at Butler University and the change was seamless.

Now we have another situation where the Field Hockey team, rebuilding under the coach that had taken them to the top, finds itself facing a coaching change. Marisa Didio has announced that she's leaving after this season. But Taylor has already found a replacement; Assistant Kelly McCollum will step up, just like Kate Druhan did over on the diamond.

I think its a smart move.

Doctor's Records?:

You know sometimes Doctors think that patient's records belong to them. It's why when we were in the military we were always told that we should keep a copy of our medical record.

Its too bad Rashidi Wheeler didn't.

Of course maybe he didn't want any one over at Nicolet to know what he was taking?

Sammy Sosa

All this down at Wrigley reminds me of somthing once said down outside of the old Comiskey Park.

...say it ain't so Sammy....

Please....say it ain't so....

-- da Coach

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