Davis Counts NU Out

Northwestern began to show strong interest in Imani Davis midway through his senior season, and made an in-school visit in December. However, Davis has not heard from the Wildcats since his meeting with the NU coaches. The two-way player says Northwestern is now out of the picture.

Imani Davis was in the middle of a stellar senior season when Northwestern first began to show interest. In mid-December, the running back received a visit from NU coaches, and was beginning to gain interest.

Since that point, there has been no contact between Davis and the Wildcats. His phone calls haven't been returned, and the coaches haven't been reachable.

"It's dormant, actually," Davis said. "I haven't been in contact with them at all."

Davis, a 5-foot-9, 180-pound two-way player, has offers from Akron, Buffalo, Florida Atlantic, Memphis, and a number of others.

With Northwestern backing off the interest, Davis says it is "out of the picture."

Davis has no frontrunner, and still needs more time to make a decision. However, it's too late for Northwestern.

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