NU Sports News Digest for Monday 6/9

<b>**Final Edition**<br> </b>Tight End Preview<br> GoUPurple unleashes Trivia Terror<br> ACC Unleashes Lawsuit<br> Jess Daley finishes at Glenview...


Purple Reign Preview - It All Starts - Part 5

The reign of trivia terror continues with some of the best questions ever! This one is also a beaut - The Hail to Purple Trivia Question for June 8th
Nothing new for a change


ACC not fazed by lawsuit [Daily Herald]

Lamberton: It doesn't take a Sherlock Holmes

Washington Coach Says Betting Pool Had School Approval


Luke Donald: Not in the US Open

Jess Daley: Finishes 29th at -5
Stolz cinches LaSalle title

Brian Payne: Didn't make the cut
at the LaSalle Bank Open

Jim Benepe didn't either

Go Cats - Beat 'em All!
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