Schwaba Excited To Head Home

Upper Saint Clair (PA) tight end Jack Schwaba is getting excited to start up at Northwestern. On Wednesday, he will make his commitment official by signing his letter of intent. A native of the Chicago-area, Schwaba is excited to return home.

Jack Schwaba is preparing for a homecoming of sorts at Northwestern. The Pittsburgh native was once a resident of Chicago's north shore, and will be returning to the area in August.

On Wednesday, Schwaba, a 6-foot-5 tight end, will officially become a Wildcat when he signs his letter of intent. You can call it a dream come true.

"Playing football for the next four years, it has always been a dream of mine," Schwaba said. "The dream starts this summer."

Schwaba is excited to write his signature on the paper, and make his intention to be a Wildcat official.

"The recruiting process is over," he said. "I get to sign those papers and become an official Wildcat. Everything official, it's a great feeling."

Schwaba will head to Evanston in June for summer school, but he is preparing as if he were already at Northwestern.

NU head coach Pat Fitzgerald and assistant coach Adam Cushing stopped by Schwaba's house this month, and Fitzgerald layed out the expectations.

Fitzgerald said to Schwaba: "Come in with the mindset that you're starting right away. Prepare like you're starting right away. Train as hard as possible and try to be ready."

Schwaba will be roommates with fellow superback commit Dan Vitale, also a product of the Chicago-area, hailing from Wheaton. However, Schwaba will be joined at Northwestern by a longtime close friend, Ian Park, a three-star guard, who is his high school teammate.

Park was already committed to Northwestern for more than a month before Schwaba gave his verbal commitment. Park surely played a part in recruiting his friend to also be a Wildcat. Schwaba is excited to join his friend at NU.

"Knowing that Ian was committed to Northwestern, it was something even better to look forward to over the next four years," Schwaba said. "Ian is one of my closest friends. I've known him forever. Just knowing that you're gong with a friend, you won't be alone out there, it's great. He's a funny kid to be around. It's just cool to go with your friend."

Schwaba and Park will be with each other on National Signing Day to become Wildcats together.

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