Olson Will Make It Official

Eric Olson has known since June that he will be a Northwestern Wildcat in the fall of 2012, but he finally gets to make it official on Wednesday, when he signs a letter of intent to play for NU.

"I have to send the letter over by 7 a.m.," he said. "I'm going to sign it at my house and fax it over and we have an assembly-type thing for all the athletes at our school (who are signing)."

Olson, a three-star offensive lineman from Buckingham Browne Nichols (MA) School, is ranked as the No. 56 offensive tackle in the country. At 6-6, 270, he has a big frame, but plans to redshirt his freshman season unless the Cats are plagued by injuries.

"They almost always redshirt their offensive lineman," he said.

Olson is excited to get on campus in June, when he'll take a couple classes and start working out with the teams. It isn't a requirement to go early, but he feels it will be helpful to get into the swing of things before August.

Olson has been to Evanston "three of four times," and was able to see the Cats play Michigan — another school he had an offer from — and was impressed with the atmosphere that night.

"It was awesome," he said. "Ryan Field was so loud; it was a great atmosphere. I wish they could've come out on top."

In addition to the atmosphere, Olson said he felt comfortable with the players and coaches at Northwestern and was impressed with the quality of the education he will receive.

"The connections with both players and coaches (was good)," he said. "Coach (Pat Fitzgerald) is such a personable guy. The players on my overnight seemed just like me and all the kids are looking to do right things. It's a clean, quality program that stands for all right things. It has a great combination of athletics and academics."

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