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The <b>Northwestern Wildcats</b> may have pulled a Diamond back out of the rough last week when <b>Tim Doyle</b> decided that the offer from Evanston two years ago was the best deal after all.<br> <br> Here's more on the the first 'Cat in the Class of 2004...

We've been calling around to find out more about the newest NU Court Cat:
NU Basketball Coach Bill Carmody apparently wanted him in the recruiting class of 2002, but he'll settle for Small Forward/Two Guard Tim Doyle suiting up for the Wildcats in 2004.

He was pretty widely recruited a year ago when he came out of St. Dominic's, a small Roman Catholic High School in Oyster Bay, NY.

His coach for the BayHawks was Robert Pavinelli who told us Doyle will be fun to watch,
He's 6-4, maybe 5. He sees the whole court, he's a great passer, he plays 2, 3, even 4, and he gets the ball in and out of his hands very fast.
And something we didn't know - he was very close to coming to NU, or even Princeton a year ago, but finally chose St. John's because it was close to home and his father, a former NBA player was originally from Queens [where St. John's is located].
Coach Pavinelli thinks that Tim Doyle is a very good get for Northwesternhe's going to fit right into the Bill Carmody system, he's smart, has a great sense of humor, and his ball handling skills make him a good player to help break up a press too. Pavinelli says that his only real weakness is in guarding a good point guard.

Another observer who's seen Doyle play is  Cecil Watkins, the Metro New York area AAU Basketball Coordinator, he's seen Tim Doyle play all through high school in summer leagues.

His quick scouting notes on Doyle:
  • He's a smart ball player, not selfish.
  • Good 3 point Range (despite what his HS coach says)
  • Teams have to guard him, especially near the top of the circle.
  • A hustler - but plays a smart game
  • You'll be surprised as how good he'll be.
He expects NU to use him as the other Guard - although he's a good ball handler and he could play the small forward, much like Jitim Young played this year in NU's 4 guard set.

[By the way -  Cecil Watkins is a 20+ year veteran of the NBA - he's sent over 1,000 kids to play basketball in college. I'll take his evaluation as gospel.]

Tim Doyle appears to be another hard working, good passing, smart  basketball player. The kind of kid Bill Carmody likes to teach his system. I asked Cecil Watkins if just his presence out on the circle would open up the middle for the back door cut, and he said, "of course."

Greg Kane, our basketball analyst around Purple Reign, has noted that having to sit out gives Doyle a year to learn the system. I think that what it does is give Tim a chance to learn how Jitim Young plays within the system with T.J. Parker and Mohamed Hachad [and also with Evan Seacat - who I hope will take on a back court/corner long range "bomber" role].
The question for 2004 - will Tim replace Jitim?

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