NU Vying For Croatian Import

In the spring coaches tend to scramble for talented players, and Mislav Brzoja is one that many are focused on landing.

If there are two things almost every college program in the country is looking for right now in the 2012 class it would be a point guard and a big guy. While Zionsville (Ind.) Traders Point Christian Academy guard Mislav Brzoja isn't a pure point guard, he can give some minutes at the position.

Playing for the Croatian National Team, Brzoja made a name for himself at the FIBA World Championships, and according to Traders Point Head Coach Dave Jamerson he is doing the same thing this year as a senior in high school.

"He has been really good for us this year," said Jamerson. "Early in the season he had a high ankle sprain and he ended up missing the first four games of the year and we were 1-3. Then he came back and played well, but the last month or so he has played real well."

He continued, "Mislav is averaging about 21 points, seven rebounds, seven assists, and almost five steals per game."

Even though he is an excellent shooter with good size, the best thing Brzoja does is pass the basketball. He has elite floor vision and a great feel for how to play the game. That allows Traders Point to play him at multiple spots on the floor.

"I think the unique thing about him is at almost 6-foot-6 he can play the one, two, or the three," said Jamerson. "We try to get the ball in his hands in a lot of places where he can be effective. We use him in pick and rolls, he plays well without the ball, and is good in the post. He is pretty versatile, and he knows what to do from almost any spot on the floor."

With his unique skill set, size, and the fact that many colleges are looking for a key piece or two to sign during the spring signing period, his recruitment is really taking off.

"Right from the beginning it was Northwestern, Providence, Vanderbilt, Texas, Virginia, Utah, Marquette, Rhode Island, Ohio University, and Illinois," said Jamerson. "Also Dayton has come in there later and they have been contacting me quite a bit lately."

In terms of making visits, nothing has been scheduled, but a plan is being put in place for when and how the visits are going to be done.

"We're going to do all of that after the season," noted Jamerson. "Our season ends as late as March 3, and after that time we are going sit down and walk through everything. He is pretty familiar with the process of taking some unofficial and official visits."

For Brzoja picking a school is going to be about more than the name on the front of the uniform, it will be about the best fit for him on and off the floor.

"He just will want to get a feel for the type of campus he will be on and the kind of system he wants to play in," explained Jamerson.

While Brzoja might not be a household name to many who follow recruiting yet, college coaches have taken significant notice of him this season.

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