Konopka Makes A Move

It's a position switch for talented Northwestern freshman Jack Konopka, and PurpleWildcats.com has the latest. Check out what Coach Pat Fitzgerald has to say about the switch and more.

Northwestern freshman Jack Konopka is perhaps the biggest position change for the Wildcats this spring.

"Mentally he is as football intelligent of a guy as we have," Fitzgerald said. "He has done a great job and we have been installing since Thursday."

He added, "I haven't seen any mental errors."

Konopka played superback for the Wildcats as a true freshman, after moving from the offensive line in fall camp. He is now trying his hand at guard.

"We are going to start him at the hardest spot," Fitzgerald said. "And we think it is more difficult in our offense to play guard than tackle."

And why is that?

"If you are a guard then you have people in your face," Fitzgerald said. "For him to move from tight end on the line to tackle not a big difference."

He added with a laugh, "Guard is a big difference."

The 6-foot-5, 285 pound lineman will get a real teat Tuesday, the first day the Wildcats can hit.

"We will see how it goes on Tuesday but we are going to take this first week to take a real hard look at what he can and can not do there," Fitzgerald said. "With out ever playing that position, we are going to be realistic about that."

He continued, "We think he has a skill set to go and be a starter on the offensive line."

A place that Konopka will be one step closer too, after his first day in pads, and in an ineligible number.

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