Thursday Practice Recap has the latest news and notes from Northwestern's spring football practice Thursday -- check it out inside.

Thursday was all about Northwestern's defense.

Well, and lets not forget the first time in full-pads.

Numerous times quarterback Kain Colter was literally swallowed by the defensive line (lucky for him he doesn't get hit) – before he could even release the ball.

The defensive line had a great day, with what would have been several sacks, blocked and tipped passes.

The linebackers looked solid and ready to go, they were behind some pretty athletic plays including a couple tipped balls that resulted in interceptions. Plus, sophomore backer Timmy Vernon spent a lot of time in the backfield disrupting.

The offense wasn't out done though, Colter connected with freshman receiver Christian Jones several times for some big plays up the middle. Plus, went to sophomore receiver Mike Jensen, who appears to be emerging as a favorite target.

Once again, Fitzgerald stressed that this spring they are looking for the best 11 to emerge, and players to play their way in (or out.)

One player that earned a mention was backup quarterback Trevor Siemian – someone that has an opportunity to play their way in to the "best 11."

Fitzgerald also addressed the progress of the position changes that he made, saying that from first glance they looked like they were playing their first day in full pads at a new position.

Stay on for the latest on the Wildcats spring football practice and the latest on all things Northwestern.

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