In Depth: Trent Hosick

Adding a big Pac-12 offer yesterday, the nation's 8th-ranked quarterback Trent Hosick now sits with 14 total. He discusses what it will take to get him in the end, new 'exciting' communication with another B1G, and how a near-fatal accident has helped him to this point.

What's most impressive about Trent Hosick's extensive offer list is the fact that, like former Staley teammate and Stanford signee Nathanael Lohn, he can list them in order of which they were received.

Also like Lohn, Hosick now sits on Cardinal's radar.

"Iowa, Tulsa, Northwestern, Iowa State, Minnesota, Kansas, Illinois, Baylor, Northern Illinois, Missouri, Kansas State, Arizona State, Arkansas, and I just got one from Stanford," he reported Sunday evening. "They told Coach Bouchard yesterday morning."

"They" specifically being Stanford assistant coach and recruiting coordinator Mike Sanford, who told Bouchard he not only likes what Hosick brings on the field, but in the classroom (a 4.17 GPA).

Ohio State is another program Hosick has recently heard from; a program that particularly excited him.

"Coach Herman said to me, 'Well, Trent, Coach Meyer likes you, and for obvious reasons you can assume.'"

"When he said that, I'm not going to lie, I got pretty giddy inside. I know they think most kids with a lot of offers don't get too overly excited when they call, but I was trying to remain calm," Hosick laughed. "It means a lot that Coach Meyer is interested in me at quarterback… Coach Herman said they're coming in April to watch me throw."

See, Hosick (a 6-foot-2, 221-pound linebacker build) has been compared numerous times to Coach Urban Meyer's former star Tim Tebow. The two share similar physical, mental, and personal attributes. So much so that Hosick's teammates call him 'Tebow.'

"I've grown up watching him, I've read his book. He's definitely someone I hold a great amount of respect for, and look up to," said Hosick. "It's special to be compared to a guy like him."

"I grew up playing linebacker and running back until about 6th grade," he explained. "After the accident in '07 was when I started playing quarterback."

In 2007, Hosick and his mother were victims of a near-fatal car accident. Hosick was life-flighted from the vehicle, later to discover he broke his jaw, his right hand, and his right leg.

"After that was when my dad decided a good way to protect me was to put me at quarterback," reminisced Hosick, "and I've been there ever since."

Hosick admits the accident has actually been a blessing.

"One of the statements I live by and play by is, 'Figure it out.' Find a way to make it work," said Hosick. "Thats my job as a quarterback and as leader of the team. My coaches give me a play call. It's my job to find a way to make it work- for my coaches, my teammates, and the school."

"And that's how I live life," he continued. "You don't look back at all. What's done is done. Instead, you ask, 'Where do I go from here?' You move forward, positively."

With this outlook, the dual-threat completed 67 percent of his passes, 10 for touchdowns, for 1400 yards; carrying the rock 218 times for a whopping 2,096 yards and 31 scores to guide Staley High to a Missouri Class 5 State Championship.


And while college programs all over the country are liking this package, who is Hosick liking?

"I'm keeping all options open, but I'd say Iowa is standing out," he said. "Iowa was the very first school to offer. It says a lot that they were willing to take a chance on me before everyone else was. They tell me I'm very important to their recruiting class. And there are a lot of coaches saying I'm very important to them, but Iowa's talked with me the most, and I've called Coach Johnson and Coach Sands quite a bit. The fact that they take time and effort to make me really feel important, that makes a statement."

Relationship with the coaching staff will play "the number one factor" in Hosick's decision.

"I want a coaching staff I can be really close to and call good friends. Like Coach Brouchard. I don't eat lunch in the cafeteria," said Hosick. "I take my lunch up to Coach Brouchard's office and eat with him. We talk, go over film, we just have a great bond, and that's the most important thing to me."

"That's why I want to make sure I take as many visits as I can, and get a chance to meet all the coaches, and meet people within the organization. You want to make sure it's the right fit."

Hosick and his family have already been to Iowa, Missouri, Kansas State, Iowa State, and Illinois. He noted he would like to get to Baylor and Arkansas soon.

Timeline for decision?

"I'd like it to be fairly soon. Not only because I plan on graduating early, but because I feel like a quarterback should commit early to begin recruiting his teammates. That's an important part of the process."

"I'm not sure which direction I'll go though. I've handed this decision over to the Lord. I know he has a plan for my life. I dont know what it is, but I'm fully open to where he wants me to go. And when he tells me, I'll make my decision."

(Note: You can find Hosick in action at the Elite 11 Quarterback Camp in Las Vegas in June.)

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