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Termy decided to put himself in the Athletic Director's chair for a few minutes the other day and figure out what he'd do if he was starting out as the new <b>Northwestern Athletic Director, Mark Murphy</b>.<br><br> Here's a pretty interesting "to do" list...

Everyone knows TerminalVCat - our "Termy" of the discussion boards - He Posted this up on the Purple Boards the other day and I thought it contained a few good ideas. You can add your own thoughts to the list up on the Court Cats Board.
Has everyone forgotten that Mark Murphy began his term as AD yesterday? [Monday]

He's had a day to move into his office and set out his family pictures, sign his I-9s and set up his e-mail, so what do you think his priorities should be? Here were a few things that came to mind for me:
1. Talk to the coaches, and find out what they feel they need to build their respective programs into winners.

2. Get the lay of the land - NU, students, Big Ten, and begin to clarify his own sense of what is needed to build winning programs within the NU culture.

3. Keeping within NU's core values, see what needs to change in the NU culture with regard to athletics

4. Take a serious look at NU's fan base and potential fan base, and devote real resources to reaching out with things that will matter to them. What matters most is winning, of course, but there are a lot of things that could make attending NU sporting events more interesting.
And find a way to energize the students!

5. Tend to the details - find a good person to take care of a few things like the following: I can't find a link to the Fast Break Club, even on the men's basketball page. For what it's worth, if one clicks on the "Boosters" section you find links to the "Rules" page and the Wildcat Fund. Why not also have links to the various booster organizations there?

6. Keep raising money

7. Last but not least, don't settle for the academics or athletics zero-sum game. His job is to be one of the people who commits the university to success in both endeavors, and won't sacrifice one to achieve the other. Fight for what the student-athletes and coaches need to succeed, and insist on a university which aspires to excellence in everything it attempts.

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