Academics Important For Bryant

Monrovia (Calif.) wide receiver Mason Bryant, who currently maintains a 4.4 GPA, is looking for a program that boasts both strong academics and a good football team.

Monrovia (Calif.) wide receiver Mason Bryant has earned something that will stand out on all of his college applications: a 4.4 GPA. For Bryant, it's just as important to attend a school that balances both strong academics and a good football program. "If football doesn't end up working out, I want to be able to have a degree from a good school and get a job that I love doing," he said.

Bryant is receiving interest from some programs that fit that criteria nicely.

"Right now I'm talking with Harvard, Yale, Northwestern, and Stanford a little bit. Stanford and Northwestern are my top two. They are both great football school as well as great academic schools, so I would get the best of both worlds," he said.

The receiver, who has stayed at the same position since seventh grade, has a few more things on his checklist aside from education.

"I'm looking for good coaches who will make me better and will get me where I want to be in the college realm. Location is kind of key; I'd like to stay more West Coast, but I'll go to the best school that offers me," he said.

Aside from his strong studies, Bryant also has a few areas in which he shines on the football field.

"I think my greatest strength is that I can get open easily and my route running has been perfected over the course of the spring and the summer of last year. It's something I've gotten a lot better at," he said.

During the off-season, Bryant has been working with the coaches at B2G Instinct Training, trying to improve as much as possible before his senior season.

"I'm working on getting off the ball, being able to get around and get on top of routes, and make those routes even better than they are. I'm going to keep working out with B2G and all the quarterbacks and coaches; it will help me get to the schools I want to get to," he said.

Aside from training, the receiver also plans on taking a few trips to some of his favorite programs.

"I'll take a few visits to schools on the East Coast to see how I like it over there and I'll go to some camps," he said. "But I'm definitely going to visit Stanford, California, and Northwestern."

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