Gee-Tucker Visits Northwestern

Belleville West High School linebacker Pierre Gee-Tucker visited Northwestern on Monday. Gee-Tucker said he had the chance to see the football facilities, tour the school's campus and meet with the Wildcats' coaching staff. Read more about Gee-Tucker in this recruiting update.

Pierre Gee-Tucker, a linebacker prospect out of Belleville, Ill., has now visited the campuses of several Division I football programs, but he said Northwestern has at least one advantage on the others.

"I like how it's close to Chicago," Gee-Tucker said. "You won't get bored."

The issue of boredom aside, Gee-Tucker said he came away impressed from his Monday visit to Northwestern by both its campus and its coaching staff. Additionally, the 2011 third-team all-Southwestern Conference selection said the thought of playing for a former linebacker like Pat Fitzgerald is appealing.

"Knowing what he's like and what he played, he knows a lot about [playing linebacker], and he can help me out more and get me in the right places to play the position," Gee-Tucker said.

From Northwestern's perspective, though, Gee-Tucker must still demonstrate his ability to cover in the open field, according to the 6-foot-2, 205-pound junior.

"They said they only have a select few players they want for signing day, and I was one of those players," Gee-Tucker told "But on film, I played in the box a lot because that's where my team needed me – so I didn't really get to play in coverage as much. That's what [Northwestern] really wants to see."

To help him better develop those skills, Gee has been training each Sunday at the Elite Football Academy in Chesterfield, Mo., and working out not as a linebacker, but as a defensive back, and he said he is more than capable of playing either linebacker or safety.

But in what stadium he will be playing remains undetermined.

In addition to Northwestern, Gee-Tucker – who totaled 79 tackles, four sacks and one interception in his junior year – recently visited Vanderbilt, and he traveled to Western Kentucky last month to get a peek at the Hilltoppers' campus. He also plans on visiting Tulsa next week and expects to get a look, at some point, at what Cincinnati has to offer.

Although Gee-Tucker said he is not necessarily in a rush to make a decision, he said he has an idea of what type of situation he would most enjoy.

"I'm looking for somewhere I can get a chance to play early and get experience in life," Gee-Tucker said. "Academics [are important], too, because I have to have something to fall back on if I'm not playing football. If I get a degree at a certain school – say Northwestern or Vanderbilt – it'll help me get a job as well." M

Gee-Tucker declined to rank schools with interest in him at this point in the process, but said his trip to Vanderbilt definitely made an impression. However he added, "Northwestern's for sure up there at the top."

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