If Rice can do it....

That win last night by the brainiacs from <b>Rice</b> over the brainiacs of <b>Stanford</b> raises another issue...<br><br> Why not the <b>Wildcats</b>????

"If Rice can do do it...."
That's what I was thinking all last weekend, and again last night when I saw that the lowly Rice Owls had knocked off mighty Stanford to win the NCAA College World Series.

I was out working an American Legion Baseball game, but I hear it was a pretty impressive win by those Owls of Houston who demonstrated that at times Hitting can overpower Pitching and Defense.

Baseball is often described as a game that requires intense concentration, and the ability to not let little things that happen bother you while you play. It seems like its a natural for kids with high GPAs, high SATs and high intelligence. It sounds like just the kind of game a typical NU student-athlete would play, maybe even more so than Football or Basketball. Hey, Walt Whitman wrote about it!

To some the game last night was the battle of not only ERAs and Batting Averages, but SAT/ACT and GPAs. But Rice and Stanford both boast entrance requirements for athletes that match ours at Northwestern. So maybe its up to we alumni to scour the High Schools and Legion [and Big League, Pony League,  and any other High School age baseball/softball league] for smart kids and point them at the old alma mater.

If Rice, academics and all, can win the College World Series [over Stanford, academics and all], doesn't it make those National Championship goals of many of our coaches just seem that much more possible?

Really, Doesn't it?
-- da Coach

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