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June means Summer Football Camp for Division I teams and one big visitor to NU's Camp has been a young man from Ohio who plays on the line. <br><br> Here's a report from theInsiders.com Network.

Here's a player update from the Insiders.com network:

Evan Spanogians started this spring with a dream of playing college football. If you would have questioned his friends and family they would tell you how hard he was working but they didn't know if he was a recruit. Then the magic of football recruiting started and Evan's world changed in so many ways.

There is no science to football recruiting. If a coach or program see something about a young man they jump on it. This spring saw many schools jumping and taking notice of Evan. With the local schools taking first crack, many larger programs started to see a player they wanted more information on.

How do schools get this information? They ask players to travel and hit the camp scene. OhioPrepScene can't stress enough how important being at camps is for a player to get noticed. Many players who were unknown have left camps with scholarship offers in hand. Evan's family has seen first hand what recruiting camps are like.

The family has been to several states and many universities over the last few weeks. Having been to schools like Pittsburgh, Virginia, Illinois, Northwestern, Tennessee to name a few has given Evan more exposure to schools who have a great interest in recruiting him.

In talking with Evan's father John, he told us how things have gone for the TE\OL. "Things have gone very well at the different schools. Evan has been worked out at TE and other schools see him as a O-lineman.

"Pittsburgh was great, the coaches were great and gave Evan a lot of work. We came away with a great feeling about our visit and how Evan did in camp. Virginia spent a lot of time with him as he worked with the TE's. The TE's Coach said that with Evan's size he is going to make someone a great Tackle or blocking TE. Were finding most schools are looking at him for this. Evan is up to 290lbs and most schools like the fact he can catch the ball and still knock heads when needed. Tennessee went very well, we didn't know anyone but they had asked for Evan to come and with it not being a long trip we felt we could do it".

"His mother went with him to Northwestern, he didn't camp just more of a visit. The coaches were great and he really liked the campus and what he saw overall. They headed to Illinois after that and Evan worked out there. He did very well from what the coaches told him and said that they would be staying in contact. So its been a long and hard few weeks for all of us and Evan is ready to get back into the swing of things around here. He's decided to stop playing baseball and keep working on football. Today he needed to recharge the batteries and wanted to play golf".

We thank John for helping OhioPrepScene with how the last few weeks have gone. Without the help of parents and coaches our job would be so hard.

Stay tuned to OhioPrepScene for more information on players like Evan and other top players in Ohio.

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