Jansen Hopes To Play Big Ten Football

Cincinnati Moeller (OH) tight end Evan Jansen is intrigued by Northwestern's superback position. The 6-foot-4 target is on the Wildcats' radar, but has yet to receive an offer. He talks NU in this PurpleWildcats.com recruiting update.

Evan Jansen had never heard of the term "superback" before he made his first visit to Northwestern on March 26, but his size (6-4, 225 pounds), speed, and versatility make him a perfect fit for NU's hybridized, multi-use position.

The 2013 tight end from Cincinnati (OH) has played nearly every offensive position, including quarterback, wide receiver and running back. While he enjoys blocking, Jansen sees himself as more of a receiving threat, a Dunsmore-like slot receiver with big-play capabilities.

"Blocking is part of the position, and like doing it," Jansen said. "But I like to get myself as many touches as possible."

The 2013 tight end from Cincinnati (OH) attended an NU spring practice and sat in on a tight end position meeting during his late March visit. While he was impressed with the campus and the facilities, Jansen said that what stuck out to him most was the up-tempo nature of the practice.

"Everybody knew what was going on, and there was no time wasted between drills," he said. "It was pretty incredible. They're concentration from drill to drill was something I was very impressed with."

Jansen has received offers from Akron and Buffalo, but it's highly unlikely that he will settle for anything below high-major college football. The junior has drawn interest from Duke, Boston College, Pittsburgh and Purdue, among others.

While he has a preference for the Big Ten, Jansen said that he will not make his decision until next Fall, at which point he will have a more comprehensive display of game tape for his potential suitors.

"Growing up in the Midwest, it's always been a goal for me," Jansen said. "Playing in the Big Ten would be great, it's definitely a conference where I could see myself."

Jansen has had several conversations with NU linebackers coach Randy Bates, a close friend of Moeller High School (OH) head coach John Rodenberg. Bates invited Jansen to NU's minicamp this summer, which Jansen plans to attend.

Although he's yet to receive an offer, Jansen said that NU is one of his favorites and is intrigued by what he calls their "great need for a tight end."

"I feel like I would fit in there," he said. "If an offer came from [Northwestern] it's something that I'd be really excited for, something that I'd definitely have to consider."

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