Skipper Facing Tough Decision

Ralston Valley (CO) High School offensive tackle Dan Skipper has a good problem on his hands, as numerous new offers have made his recruiting road trip difficult to plan. The 6-foot-10 lineman is evaluating his options, including a recent offer from Northwestern.

Northwestern wasn't on Dan Skipper's radar, until Mick McCall initiated contact in April. Last week McCall visited at Ralston Valley (CO) High School and extended Skipper a scholarship offer.

Skipper, a 6-foot-10, 280-pound tackle, is now doing research on Northwestern. The early returns have been positive.

"I'm liking everything," said Skipper of Northwestern. "Coach McCall came out to the school. I'm doing research and trying to find a place to offer me a good education, which Northwestern does. We'll go from there."

What could be next? After continued research, Skipper is hoping to visit Northwestern.

The original plan was for Skipper to make a select few visits, but then a problem occured -- a good one. Skipper began to pile up scholarship offers, and his list now stands in double digits.

Skipper holds offers from Northwestern, Arizona State, Colorado, Missouri, Oregon State, Utah, Vanderbilt and a few others.

"Right now, we're putting it down on the map to see where we're going to this summer, said Skipper. "Before everything went crazy (with offers), we were going to see about ten schools. Now everything's gone crazy and it's hard to see so many schools in two weeks."

Skipper and his family are planning to make the trip cost efficient, though a visit in Evanston is possible.

"It's definitely a goal," said Skipper. "We'll see how it goes. It's tough to make a decision without seeing a school."

For Skipper, a number of factors are important in finding the right school, but with so many variable, he's taking a unique approach.

"Be selfish," Skipper said. "The big thing is, I got to go to school on Monday morning in the middle of winter. Make a good choice, make the right choice and do it once."

Skipper is going to look at all aspects of each school, before making a decision.

"No school is perfect, it's going to be a combination of what it offers; the drawbacks; if that's going to be a permanent drawback; if it will be upgraded. It just depends on what it is and weighing it all out."

Chris Emma has covered college athletics and professional baseball for FOX Sports since 2009. He covered the Nebraska Cornhuskers for Big Red Report, and currently covers the Northwestern Wildcats and Chicago Cubs.
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