Worley goes in depth

William Penn Charter (Philadelphia) safety/receiver Daryl Worley is up to 12 offers and could be getting his 13th in the coming days. He won four events at the recent state track championships and is now ready to focus on recruiting, and he spoke to Scout.com about the schools after him.

The secret is out on William Penn Charter (Philadelphia) athlete Daryl Worley. Six weeks ago the 6-foot, 182-pound Worley held three offers and was a virtual unknown. Now, he holds a dozen offers and schools are coming through on a almost-daily basis to check on him.

His offer list now consists of Boston College, Rutgers, Tennessee, Temple, Pittsburgh, Iowa, UCF, Syracuse, Northwestern, Penn State, Connecticut and West Virginia. Wisconsin is also close to offering after making a Wednesday visit to school, Worley said.

"I was actually surprised how quickly things shot up," Worley said. "A couple of the offers were kind of surprising because I hadn't had prior contact with the school. Northwestern was one, and UCF came to visit before they offered, but it happened so quickly."

However, Worley hasn't had a chance to make visits because he was busy with his track season, in which he won the state title in the 100, 200 and 400 meters and was also a member of the winning one-mile relay team.

With the track season over, though, he is getting ready to make visits.

"I haven't set them up but I plan on calling coaches a week before I set up my visit and tell them where I with doing it," Worley said. "I feel a decision will come by the end of football season or early winter."

Worley spoke about a number of the programs in his recruitment:

Penn State: "They talked to my coach, but I hadn't really talked to them before. They came to visit in late April but I haven't talked to them since.

"I know about the problems there the last year and how people view them. …It doesn't really (impact) my decision, but it's something I think about.

"(Penn State defensive end) Deion Barnes is a close friend. He lives around the corner from me. I know they're interested in me, and they have talked to him about me, and there are people from my school that went there.

Rutgers: "I have been talking to them regularly. I actually have to call the coach this week but I haven't had a chance to yet. I know the coaches I was speaking to before had all been cleaned out and they have a new staff."

Wisconsin: "They told me that they watched my tape and they loved me as a defensive back, and they could also use me as a wide receiver. I think they're leaning more toward the defensive side of the ball.

"The coach said he was going to go back and meet with the rest of the staff and they were going to watch all the tape again and then he was pretty sure they were going to offer me soon."

Northwestern: "I know they have a great academic program and they actually recruited a kid that played in my league Ibraheim Campbell, who goes there now. And he had a pretty good season there."

Iowa: "I actually know nothing about Iowa. That was another one that surprised me."

Tennesseee: "It's been kind of quiet. I haven't talked to them since maybe back at the Penn Relays."

West Virginia: "I don't know much about them. I also plan on visiting there."

Pittsburgh: "I know Pittsburgh is a great school and a lot of people from my area went there over the last few years. As far as the football program goes, I know they told me I was the No. 1 recruit that they are recruiting at defensive back.

"That definitely puts me in a whole different mindset and my interest grows. It shows me coming in my first year I would definitely be on the field."

Syracuse: "I know they are a great football program and the football stadium is a great environment. The weather is a little (different) but with the inside dome, it's not a problem."

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