Merie takes in Northwestern camp

Hopkins (MN) High School wide receiver Zac Merie left Northwestern's productive one-day camp with a good feeling, and learned a bit about himself as a football player. He discusses the experience in this recruiting update.

It was sometime around when he was sweating bullets that Hopkins (MN) High School wide receiver Zac Merie realized Northwestern's one-day camp was no ordinary experience.

Merie, a 6-foot-3, 190-pound receiver, felt Northwestern's camp provided a measuring stick to where he needs to be as a football player.

"I don't think we stopped running for maybe the whole hour, expect for when (the coaches) explained a drill," joked Merie. "It was helpful, every drill was difficult and it showed who was good, and who had a good skill set."

For Merie, it was one of his first experiences with a BCS conference college football program.

"It was a little more intimidating because it's a big scale," he said. "The coaches ere obviously really good and the facilities were amazing."

Throughout the drills, Merie received hands-on instructions for Northwestern receivers coach Dennis Springer.

"You could tell he knew a lot, he would explain the drill then if you thought you did it right, there was always something you could improve on," said Merie. "If you did improve, he'd say great job, and then step it up, Every step, he'd have you do, it made you better."

Merie is hearing from a number of schools, with North Dakota State and South Dakota State showing the most heavy interest.

Upon leaving NU's camp, Merie felt he learned a bit about himself as a football player.

"A player might think they know what they're doing and can do it all, but in reality, there's always something you can do better," he said. "You can't stop your game, you have to keep moving and step it up."

Chris Emma has covered recruiting, college athletics and professional baseball for FOX Sports Next since 2009. Emma covered the Nebraska Cornhuskers for Big Red Report, and currently covers the Northwestern Wildcats and Chicago Cubs. He currently resides on Chicago's north side.
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