Damien Part II?

Ohio's Jimmy Calhoun reminds me a lot of Damien Anderson on film and he's been running very fast 40-yard dashes this summer. Here's a scouting report.

Looking at film of Ohio running back Jimmy Calhoun, its hard to believe that none of the major D-1 schools have offered a scholarship.

Granted, it's a very good year for tailbacks in the Midwest and especially in Ohio, but Calhoun has the goods to be successful at the next level.

Jimmy Calhoun recently ran a 4.39 40-yard dash at the Northwestern football camp and the latest update had the Wildcats at the top of Calhoun's wish list.

Calhoun reminds me a lot of former Northwestern All-American running back Damien Anderson. Jimmy has superb vision, he's fast enough to get the corner and show a burst of separation but he's also very good in between the tackles.

Middletown uses the same offensive sets as Northwestern and Calhoun is the straw that stirs the drink for the Middies.

Calhoun has the vision to find the hole and the burst to get through it. He shows patience and allows blocks to develop.

What I liked the most about Calhoun is that he doesn't go down on first contact. He's slippery, has some wiggle and he uses those great lamps (vision) of his to pile up yardage.

So what gives? Why no offers?

Could it be because of the vast differences in 40-yard times this summer?

Calhoun ran a 4.57 at the Nike Camp and then is reported at 4.39 at Northwestern and a 4.36 at Ohio State. That's a huge discrepancy in times. Watching Jimmy on film, he looks like a legit 4.5 prospect.

Calhoun's workout numbers won't open any eyes, especially the ones at the Nike Camp but he looks like a football player on film and he should make somebody very happy at the collegiate level.

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