when referring to the Rice Owls, others didn't. And my point? "> when referring to the Rice Owls, others didn't. And my point? ">

Coach Roy's Mailbag - 7/8

And as I wade through my electronic mailbag...<br><br> <b>Trevor Rees</b> has a big impact on the <b>Bayou Bowl</b> at a multitude of positions!<br><br> Some people got riled up at my use of <b>"lowly"<M/b> when referring to the <b>Rice Owls</b>, others didn't. And my point?

From the Coach Roy Mailbag:
1. Got a rumble about incoming Freshman Trevor Rees. As many of you know, he was slated to play in the Bayou Bowl June 25th, an annual game between Houston area HS All Stars and Louisiana HS All Stars.

Trevor [Purple Reign Photo] played 47 of the 48 minutes.  He not only played center, he played tackle and tight end as well.  At center, he dominated the Louisiana defensive line.  The DT's all weighed over 300 lbs and Trevor manhandled them all night.  He had two pancakes on one play!  He had a lot of fun and didn't get injured!

Trev was even quoted in his hometown paper
"It was awesome. It was a great game. On the last series, we knew what we could do. Everyone worked together. Playing the other positions was fun. I found out earlier I might be playing there. It wasn't too hard. I knew the offense and that helped me a lot." [Trevor Rees - Pearland Journal 6/25]
And those that wonder about where else Rees might play can look to this quote from the Offensive line coach for the game;
"We told Trevor earlier he might be playing other positions. When Omar (McKenzie of Dulles) went out, we put him in at tight end and he did well. Trevor knows the offense and fit in where ever we put him. He played well at center again. It was great to have a chance to work with him again."  [Eric Wells - Pearland Journal]
The Texas All-Stars pulled out a last minute win 32-29.
The stories about Trevor at the game raise the issue of him working into the starting lineup at Northwestern once he gets the center blocking assignments down.

One big issue relates to his size going against the big tackles in the Big 10. He appears to have handled the big guys from Louisiana OK, but they were all kids his own age and experience. Listed at 275, he's got to put on more weight to handle the Big 10.

From our perspective, NU Coach Randy Walker appears to want him to challenge for the Center slot, but his Spring comments suggest that he would really like him to spend a redshirt year working out, and getting bigger. Of course, if Rees can win the starting center spot, senior Matt Ulrich will probably be happy to move back to Guard, where he was NU's #2 rated lineman last year. The 2nd week of Camp Kenosha will be  really interesting for O-Line watchers.

2. I'm amazed at the reactions I got to my commentary about the "lowly" Rice Owls winning winning the College World Series.
One person [supposedly an NU/Rice Alumnus] responded that she could take the term "lowly" from anyone but me!

She then proceeded to cheapen the Rice win by explaining how they added a major and lowered admissions requirements to get the Juco kids in to play baseball after supporting their head coach for a zillion years.

NU's head Baseball coach Paul Stevens has also been around for  a long time, and nobody at NU is advocating a change! We're also not likely to add a major just to go out and win a championship.

As for the Rice Owls,  I'll continue to refer to them as "lowly" in every sport except Baseball. There are times I've thought about using the term to refer to the Wildcats, but hey, this is an NU web site! Get over it.
Everyone else who responded [including the guy from KTRH] understood my point - If Rice can find the right combination of players to win a College World Series, why can't Northwestern do the same in Baseball, or any other sport?

I think our new Athletic Director might also be asking the same question these days...?
-- da Coach

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