Maybe a New PGA Cat?`

Breaking into the Pro Golf ranks is hard.<br><br> To start out close to the top in your first pro tournament is rare, but recently graduated <b>NU Golfer Bjorn Widersted</b> is making his run at the minors, and maybe the PGA...

There's a new potential PGA Cat on the horizon
NU Alum Bjorn Widerstedt graduated from NU in June, and decided to give pro golf a shot after his showing in the NCAA regionals.

College golfers who think they might want a PGA career, can give it shot by playing on the NGA/Hooters Pro Golf Tour.
Its a chance to get a feel for what its like on the tour [Justin Jernigan - NGA/Hooters tour spokesman]
And Bjorn is one former college player who, after 2 rounds, is out showing the field of the The Naturally Fresh Foods Firecracker at Fox Hills what kind of golfer comes from Northwestern.
"I didn't play that well today," was Bjorn's comment after today's 3 over par performance. The Bogey bug bit hard after Widerstedt had shot a -6 in the first round. Its still enough for him to be tied for 11th - he's made the cut with room to spare..

Not bad for a golfer who considered heading for business school after his Sophomore year, and really didn't seem to find his game with NU Golf until this year. But those who remember, know that this Spring, he finished 14th at the NCAA Regionals, just missing a shot at the NCAA Individual championships.

He doesn't think that the Hooter's tour is that much tougher than playing the competition NU golfers have to play - after 2 days on the Hooters Tour his observation is "its not any different."

His goals?

Continue to find out what a pro golf tour is like and maybe get a shot at getting his "card" at the PGA Q-School come the fall. He's going to play at least 4 more Hooters events, and then maybe go to a few Monday qualifying days on the Nationwide tour, looking to join fellow NU alums Jesse Daley and Jim Benepe. He just needs to be sure his car holds out.

He's a good friend of NU's PGA pro Luke Donald, and he spends time playing and socializing with Luke when he's in town. He's not sure about Alumi visits the NU's Gleacher Center, but he's planning to take a lesson or two from NU Coach Pat Goss this summer, and he recognizes that the Golf Team likes having alums around, and that golf alums like visiting from time to time.

But for now its the reality of the NGA/Hooters Tour - as one of the Hooters folks told me today - there are "No Lear Jets out here."

[He's the guy from the NGA/Hooters Tour who not only is the Public Relations man at the tournament site, but also drives the Semi-Trailer with the big Hooters Owl on the side. Driving a big rig is something they don't teach at PR school - but if you can do it, that's where you start.]

Bjorn, welcome to the starting line of professional golf.

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