Green thankful to rejoin team after injury

Treyvon Green suffered a concussion as the result of a hard hit during practice in week one of preseason camp. Following the collision, Green was rushed to the hospital for observation and tests. The experience was terrifying for the sophomore running back, who's thankful to rejoin his Northwestern teammates at practice.

Treyvon Green remembers turning toward the outside on a run, when safety Ibraheim Campbell charged in for the tackle. The sophomore running back was struck toward the chest with a forceful but clean hit.

What happened in the seconds following the collision isn't clear to Green, who blacked out for nearly 15 seconds after slamming his head on the turf inside the indoor practice facility on August 10.

Green awoke with his eyes gazed at the ceiling with doctors by his side and horrifying thoughts in his mind.

"The trainers tried to wake me up; I was dozing off," recalled Green, who returned to practice on Monday. "As I tried to open my eyes, I felt the numbness going down my legs. I really couldn't feel my hands.

"I was terrified. I didn't know if I was going to play football again. There are a lot of things going through your head when something like that happens to you."

Green remained on the ground for nearly 15 minutes, surrounded by team doctors. The players, coaches, and practice observers were cleared from the facility as the remainder of the workout was canceled.

An ambulance arrived at the facility and rushed Green to Evanston Hospital, located down Central Street. Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald and running backs coach Matt MacPherson accompanied Green for the trip.

Upon arriving at the hospital, Green was hooked to an IV and regained full feeling in his legs. His next concern was ensuring his mother had received the news of his injury.

"I had one of the trainers call to tell her I was OK, that she didn't need to book a flight out here," Green said. "Once I started feeling good and everything came back normal, I called her and she was still trying to book flights. I told her 'everything is OK; I'm in good hands here.'"

Green received observation in the hospital, including an MRI and a CT scan. He was released early the next morning and returned to his dorm.

On the following day, Green joined his team at the football facility, but was dealing with throbbing pain in his head and severe drowsiness. He would be later diagnosed with a concussion.

Several of Green's teammates welcomed him back; among the group was Ibraheim Campbell.

"He talked to me and he felt really bad about it," Green said of Campbell. "I told him not to (feel remorse) just because football is a violent game and of course it's going to be physical. Things are going to happen. I had to let him know, 'I still love you as a teammate. No hard feelings or anything like that.'"

Green traveled with the Wildcats to Camp Kenosha, but was held out of practice until Monday -- the last workout at Wisconsin-Parkside. Naturally, Green was running with a little hesitation, but that feeling departed later during practice.

"I was extremely nervous to get on the field and do what I love to do," Green admitted. "I was kind of nervous at first. Once we got to team (drill), I started breaking some better runs and got my vision back. ... It was about me getting my confidence back and being around my teammates."

Green is back with the first-team offense where he is battling for the chance to start. After the scare Green endured, he's just thankful for the opportunity to be on the field.

"I just thank God for everything that's happened," he said. "I'm blessed to be playing again."

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