Notes: Wildcats brave the elements

Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald had his Wildcat team practice in the cool fall air on Wednesday morning in preparation for potential weather impacting Saturday's game with South Dakota. also braved the elements and files notes from practice.

· It was another chilly, windy day in Evanston as the ‘Cats took to the outdoor practice field in helmets and shoulder pads for practice Wednesday.

· Pat Fitzgerald said the team was out in the elements on a "tough day" because there may be weather for the game Saturday.

· Despite the wind, Fitz thought the team kicked and caught the ball well; "It's tough, you've got that wind blowing in your ear hole but I think the guys handled it pretty well."

· Venric Mark practiced again Wednesday and said he has felt great in practice this week after getting dinged up against Boston College

· Colter and Siemian traded reps with the first team offense and both quarterbacks looked extremely sharp despite the strong wind.

· Colter's best pass on the day was a touchdown to Rashard Lawrence in a red zone drill; the ‘Cats will have to perform better in the red zone going forward, especially in the passing game taking shots at the end zone.

· Siemian also had a strong day, throwing a deep ball across the middle to Demetrius Fields with deadly accuracy.

· The pass of the day for the second day in a row, however, goes to redshirt freshman Zack Oliver, who tossed one deep down the sidelines to classmate Peirre Youngblood-Ary. The two look to be forming a pretty solid connection.

· Practice Thursday is closed to the press, but the ‘Cats will be back out there battling the elements in preparation for Saturday's game.

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