7 Wildcats on Pro Prospect List

Over the years, <b>Northwestern Football</b> has produced a decent number of <b>NFL Prospects.</b><br><br> This year could prove to be another good year for future <b>NFL Cats</b>...

I've got a little list...
Its list time around College Football, and from theInsiders.com NFL football pundit Tony Pauline comes a list of Big 10 Pro Prospects, [with their ranking from the list]....
[#32] DT Colby Clark - [6-2 285] a Redshirt Junior, Colby is one of Randy Walker's favorites. He's agressive, likes to mix it up on the front line, and plays DT for NU on both the 3 and 4 man front. If there is a coaching change at NU, he could be a candidate to come out although he could be considered a little small for the NFL where DTs now run in the 290-325 pound range..

[#47] WR Kunle Patrick - [6-0 205] NU's consistancy expert, has caught a pass in the last 34 games - expect him to be NU's possession receiver in 2003, and maybe the "go to guy" too. His performance in this, his final season, will determine where he gets drafted.

[#53] LB Pat Durr - [6-1 235] Will have to show that he's fully recovered from his knee surgery last year. He's definitely a leader on defense, and if his knee holds up, would be a great addition to a pro team looking for a run stopper up the middle.

[#56] RB Jason Wright - [5-10 210] I really question this ranking - Wright is a smart, strong back who can run, cut , return kicks, punts and catch passes. If he avoids the NU Senior Jinx and plays like last year, he should move up the list. Jason is also the kind of guy you can send out to the press after a game.

[#77] CB Marvin Ward
- [5-10 200] Another Redshirt Junior defensive player picked to leave NU early. Again, if there's a coaching change, Marvin may decide to come out early and try the NFL Easily, NU's top cornerback, he's grown under the tutoring of Jerry Brown.

[#86] OLB Doug Szymul - [6-1 220] The former walk-on at NU is a 3 year letterman, and has started all over the NU Linebacker and special teams chart. He's quick and could be considered a good candidate for the Pros. This year will probably tell the tale, he's going to be a force in the NU defense, regardless of how and if he's scouted.

[#96] TE Ray Bogenrief - [6-3 265] He's got this year to prove he's a quality tight end, a position he played, and excelled at in high school. In the spring, he looked liked the prototype TE, blocking the defensive end [his former position], making catches in traffic over the middle, and showing a bit of breakaway speed on some longer pass routes. He does know how the defensive end does his job, and seemed to be having fun knocking his former defensive team mates around.
So there you are, the list from theInsiders.com and my comments. When you look at the defensive players on the list, you wonder why NU's D was so weak last year.

Then you remember that football is a 22 man sport - 11 on O, 11 on D. When you look at the number of defenders other Big 10 teams have on the list, things start to come into focus.

So what do you think. Any other prospective paid Sunday players on the NU roster this year?

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