The prize ends his process

Northwestern began its evaluation of Maine South (Ill.) quarterback Matt Alviti when he was just a high-school sophomore. On Wednesday, that recruitment came to a close, as he signed a letter of intent to play for the Wildcats.

Matt Alviti walked through the doors of Maine South High School on Wednesday morning. He donned a purple sweatshirt and a purple tie.

"Fitz made me dress up," Alviti joked as he shook hands with his proud coach, Dave Inserra.

About 26 months after receiving his Northwestern offer, the prize of the Wildcats recruiting class signed in style.

Northwestern found the quarterback of its future. And after considering other options, the four-star recruit realized the Wildcats were the perfect fit. He visited campus about 30 or 40 times, and grew to understand the well-rounded players Pat Fitzgerald values.

"The players in the locker room, they're all great character guys," Alviti said. "Coach Fitz brings in the right type of guys and that's who I want to surround myself with."

Alviti, a three-year starter, made an impact on the Maine South program almost immediately. In his sophomore year, he led the team to 10 consecutive wins and a state championship. The day after, he earned the NU offer.

Inserra said the poise and leadership of Alviti impressed him from day one. He gained the respect of the older players, and at Northwestern, he faces a similar task.

"He's a competitor," Inserra said. "He wants to go to a place that's going to win. He knows Northwestern is on the rise."

Alviti, with his strong arm and mobility, seems to be the perfect quarterback for Mick McCall's offense. Throughout the recruiting process, Alviti respected the coaching staff and their work. To him, NU is unique in that regard.

"They're probably the best staff in the country," Alviti said. "They treat everyone like their sons, like their family. It's a really special place."

Alviti boasts the intangibles. His ability to be a teammate matches his talent. Though it might take a while to show up on the field, as he projects to redshirt, Alviti will undoubtedly continue the rich recent history of NU quarterbacks.

"He's an outstanding kid and carries himself well," Inserra said. "Everyone in the school likes Matt Alviti, because he's genuine, but he'll bite your head off to win."

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