Pro Day Notebook

Northwestern was one of nine schools to host NFL scouts for Pro Day Tuesday. Seven senior Wildcats, plus 2012 graduate Brian Peters, participated in workouts and position drills for an eager crowd of 30 team reps. This Purple Wildcats update details which players bolstered their Draft chances and which players fell short of expectations.

• Scouts labored through senior linebacker David Nwabuisi's last name all afternoon. "Terrible, terrible pronunciation," he laughed before taking the turf for preliminary speed drills.

Northwestern's Pro Day featured 41 prospective draftees, but only seven suited up for the Wildcats last season. The workout combined players from Southern Illinois, Illinois State, and seniors from other programs who played at an instate high school. Among the notable names from other teams was Michigan State kicker Dan Conroy, who played his high school ball at Wheaton.

• Standout offensive tackle Brian Mulroe and Gator Bowl MVP Jared Carpenter were both absent from Tuesday's Pro Day. Mulroe, a potential late-round prospect at one point during the season, never declared for the NFL Draft.

• Safety Brian Peters joined the seven senior Cats, looking to crack the pros after spending a year as a linebacker with the CFL's Ottawa Roughriders. Peters' 4.66 second 40-yard dash time topped all Wildcats in the first run.

• Cornerback Quinn Evans didn't participate in the first round of 40s, but clocked a team-best 4.37 later in the drill.

• David Nwabuisi was noticeably frustrated after his 40 runs. Notching a 4.92 second score his first go, he told head coach Pat Fitzgerald, "that one felt a little nervous." Fitz smiled back, saying, "just have fun with it." The linebacker looked lighter after running a 4.71 his second time around.

• Wideout Demetrius Fields stumbled to a 4.69.

• Many scouts brushed off paltry performances in the 40-yard dash. "The 40's a straight line thing, but football's not played in a straight line," a Jets scout told me after the drill. "This is just a small piece of the pie."

• Wildcats struggled in the first three-cone drill as well, with Evans, Nwabuisi and defensive tackle Brian Arnfelt slipping on their first tries. Offensive tackle Patrick Ward came up awkwardly on his right ankle on his first go, only to fall on his second effort. Teammates were rowdy after Nwabuisi turned in a strong first effort.

• Defensive end Quentin Williams struggled with his footing and ran around the wrong cone at one point.

• Brian peters reported a 9'9" mark on the standing long jump, while Nwabuisi maxed out at 9'4" and Fields at 9'8". A Lions scout told me that he sets a 10'6" benchmark as standout, and anything under 10' for a skill position player is less impressive.

• Williams' 32" vertical jump drew cheers from his teammates, while Nwabuisi was right behind him at 31.5".

• Though emotions were hushed for most of the day, Wildcats let loose during the bench press. Arnfelt lead the way with 38 reps, shouting and clapping his hands after his set. Nwabuisi was second on the team with 20.

• Still nursing an injured hand, Patrick Ward didn't participate in weight room exercises. He did look impressive in the position drill, excelling in a simulation that required linemen to backpedal and meet potential rushers.

• Fields dropped a very catchable ball in the flat, but looked sharp in vertical route running. With no Wildcat quarterbacks at Pro Day, his timing was a bit off.

• Evans showed serious recovery speed in coverage drills, while Williams and Nwabuisi looked good changing directions in a run defense workout.

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