Notes: Ushering in the new era

In this Purple Wildcats Insider update, Sylvan Lane breaks down the "unmistakable air of celebration" inside Welsh-Ryan Arena on Tuesday.

Today, Northwestern celebrated the dawning of a new era for the basketball team by formally introducing Chris Collins as the new head coach. Here are three quick thoughts from the press conference.

- There was an unmistakable air of celebration in Welsh-Ryan, which was packed not only with reporters, but also hundreds of Northwestern University students and personnel who greeting the new coach with a round of applause. Besides the marching music that played through the arena before the conference began, both Jim Phillips and Chris Collins were unmistakably excited and optimistic for the road ahead, helping to catalyze the good vibes flowing through the arena.

- Collins' asserted all throughout the conference that he came to Northwestern because it was "a perfect fit" and that he truly believes in not only the school's potential to succeed and its appeal to recruits, but the plan and vision Phillips and university president Morton Shapiro have set forth for the future. Collins also insisted that there are plenty of capable and qualified players who believe in what Northwestern has to offer academically, athletically, and experientially, and it just comes down to finding them.

- While Northwestern employed a strict offensive system for 13 years under Bill Carmody, Collins said that he would not create a rigid system like the Princeton. Collins said that he would derive his offensive and defensive strategy based on the strengths and weaknesses of his players and will not force or plug players into a set playbook or system. He also insisted that his coaching style would not be an extension of Mike Krzyzewski's but rather an amalgamation of what he picked up from his years at Duke and his own personal style. "You have to be yourself and coach in your own style and follow your own instincts," he said.

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