NU still making strong case for Reid Travis

Four-star power forward Reid Travis is still considering Northwestern.

"Can't think of the last time we had a true standout at the 4-spot."

— Lake The Posts

In December 2011, Northwestern was the second program to offer Reid Travis. Then, the power forward called it a "dream school," one that perfectly meshed sports and academics.

Despite the recent changes in Evanston, the team's interest in Travis has never waned. With his recruitment blowing up, the four-star prospect from De La Salle (Minn.) is still busy figuring out his options.

Travis grew close with Tavaras Hardy. He immediately became one of the team's foremost priorities for the class of 2014, and Hardy let him know it with the early offer.

"We have a strong relationship because he was with the old staff," Travis said.

Now, it's up to the new head coach to keep NU in contention for the potential program-turning talent. Travis said that Collins calls him twice per week—a stunning number given how many schools are after him. That, without question, indicates mutual interest.

"I definitely have strong contact with them," Travis said. "I want to get on the campus sometime this summer."

As Travis whittles his list down to "three or four" by the fall, he's considering NU. It's a program–as noted in the quotation from Lake The Posts–that completely lacks tradition at power forward.

The current roster leaves few options. Kale Abrahamson, Sanjay Lumpkin and Nate Taphorn all seem more comfortable at the 2- or 3-spot. Nikola Cerina, meanwhile, has only one year of eligibility remaining. Travis would play immediately and take on a starring role for the Wildcats.

There are a couple of complications.

First, he needs to make a difficult decision. Travis is also a standout quarterback at De La Salle, and hasn't yet chosen which sport he'll play in college.

Next, he's still being actively recruited by handfuls of schools. He holds offers from USC, UCLA, Michigan State and Arizona—among many others. Collins faces an uphill battle, but as evidenced on the trail already, the new head coach is unafraid.

"It's going to be tough," Travis said. "I've got to get on campus at places first, and that's going to help me out a lot with my decision."

NU does provide unique appeal. Hardy has been around the longest and he continues to build a relationship with Collins. Travis also visited campus when his brother and then-NU target Jonah (who eventually chose Harvard) was considering the program.

This team needs a power forward. Reid Travis would be one of the most-hyped recruits in history to choose NU.

It'll take more than that, of course, to land the four-star standout. But Collins is eager to give it a try.

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