Annotated Guide to NU's Media Days

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Thoughts and Takeaways

Jeff Budzien aces his promotional video debut. Pat Fitzgerald looks better than ever. Tyler Scott mentioned some potential defensive line standouts.

Tyler Scott and the new leadership

"I just want to show the guys how to work," Scott said. "I wasn't a top recruit coming out of high school, but I've worked my butt off. I think that's how I've been put in the position I am. It doesn't take a lot of talent to be great."

(I might not buy into the "talent" comment, but Scott is as modest as ever.)

Pat Fitzgerald on NU discipline

He's often called the quintessential players' coach. On Wednesday, Fitzgerald explained some disciplinary strategies and how he recovers.

In their words: Quotes from Media Days

Scott talks about the redshirt process. Kain Colter questions the wisdom of hyping quarterbacks before they play on the college level.

Video: Discussing NU football

Simone Scott and I chat about the state of Northwestern. I regret half of what I say and wear an oversized FOX Sports Next shirt.

Column: Never the Loud Ones

We respect the Wildcats for the things that they aren't, but in talking to players, you end up seeing what they are.

(I've never liked an answer more than the one Mark gave to my fairly average question about him being the standard for undersized running backs.)

Mark confident with O-line transition

The talented running back says the incoming freshmen offensive linemen have the right "mentality." He answers some of the questions surrounding a bigger question: Can this unit recover from losing three starters?

Thanks for staying tuned to for your Big Ten Media Days coverage. We'll have some more commentary to come before practices begin on August 5. And of course, we'll be on hand for when they do begin.

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