Hoops Notes: Visits and Priorities

On the McIntosh in-home visit, Lindsey offer and the grad transfer question.

— On Sept. 9, Chris Collins will visit Bryant McIntosh for an in-home visit, which should be another crucial component of his recruitment. The three-star point guard from Greensburg (Ind.) has been impressed with the quality of his Northwestern pitch. McIntosh picked up several big-time offers upon reopening his recruitment, and all of them were deserved. He'd start here for four years, indicative of both his natural talent and solid overall game. He's an enormous priority for this team and excellent in-home visit could plant NU in perfect position.

— I watched Scott Lindsey play this offseason, and came away impressed with his shooting ability and basketball IQ. I agree with every report saying that his stock rose immensely. Collins watched him knock down five triples in a game during July evaluations. He's also a clear shooting guard and projected solid Big Ten role player. I'm intrigued by the offer and think that with some late moves, the Wildcats could land Lindsey. We'll have more from the Fenwick (Ill.) shooting guard later on.

— Perhaps there was one negative from last week. Paul White–as reported weeks ago–was a lost cause for NU when Tavaras Hardy left the program. Makinde London, though, excluded NU from his final list of five. The Wildcats will continue to pursue these off-the-map targets in hopes that some pan out. By all accounts, and London's himself, Patrick Baldwin did excellent work in his recruitment. Baldwin moves on to recruit Canadian standout Chris Egi, widely expected to reclassify to the group of 2014.

— Lindsey's offer and other factors signify Collins' wish to completely overhaul the NU roster. I wasn't expecting Collins to look at shooting guards so quickly, but scholarship flexibility has allowed him to explore every option. With four scholarships (for now)–and one of the final two going to a point guard–Lindsey could complete the class. It doesn't seem like this team will be idle in finding big men, however.

— Many fans questioned the decision not to pursue transfers or grad students this offseason. Hint: consider this a possibility next year. This team could use help at virtually every position, and will pursue every option available to improve the team. It's a matter of finding which parts work from the current group and addressing needs. (One more hint: Finding another center is the major priority here.)

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