Practice Notes: Wideouts Post Up

Kyle Prater had a big practice Tuesday, while Tim Hanrahan saw some extra reps.

• Most of Northwestern practice Tuesday was built around passing sets, with the wide receivers looking great in a post route drill that had throws going a good 30 yards over the middle of the field. Kyle Prater was a surprising standout, and Tony Jones torched Marcus McShepard on one go.

Brandon Vitabile looked great in the running game. He was out as the lead blocker for Stephen Buckley on more than one outside run, and looked pretty fired up throughout practice. Fitz was ecstatic after one Mike Trumpy run was bounced past the tackles.

• After a busy string of practices for Trumpy and Warren Long last week, Treyvon Green was back taking first-team reps at running back Tuesday. Long and Trumpy both saw plenty of plays though.

Tyler Scott spent more time than usual sitting back in the flat Tuesday, and nearly came away with an interception on one short throw.

• Tony Jones showed remnants of his Syracuse breakout when he ran a straight streak at Kyle Queiro and came down with a huge reception. Mike Jensen was heavily involved in practice as well, and in one scrimmage play, Prater impressively split McShepard and Dami Arowolaju deep for a touchdown.

Pat Fitzgerald had praise for Malin Jones, and said that his skills will be incorporated in a number of different ways this season. As Nick Medline said last week, Jones could make sense as a superback.

• The one interesting personnel change Tuesday was the use of Tim Hanrahan, who caught a few passes. I'll monitor his play again tomorrow morning, but as Fitz always says, you can't look too much into one practice.

• I had great conversations with Will Hampton and Deonte Gibson after practice. Stay tuned for a feature on the defensive line later in the week, but for now know that these guys are certainly eager to improve the sack total from the past two games. Dean Lowry pointed out the line's inability to "finish sacks" at Monday's press conference; last Saturday the Cats had eight quarterback hurries but no sacks.

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