Drive Ending in Seven: Week Four

Nick Medline's seven predictions for the week four game against Maine...

Offensive Player: Treyvon Green

It's another opportunity for the junior back to build more confidence. Dave Revsine of placed his start to the season in perspective: "Green is one of three FBS players with at least 350 rush yards and five touchdowns." Now he'll face his first FCS opponent–with Venric Mark unlikely to play–and should carve Maine until the backups take charge. If Mark can return by Ohio State, there's a two-headed backfield monster waiting for the Buckeyes.

Defensive Player: Deonte Gibson

I'm a huge fan of the four defensive end front, which perfectly utilizes the positional talent. Though Dean Lowry earned the headlines so far–and rightfully so-any one of these guys can post memorable outings. Some defensive linemen spoke to Steven Goldstein this week about the importance of closing on sacks. This week, the D-line has more to prove, and should excel against an overwhelmed Maine team.

Offensive Big Playmaker: Cameron Dickerson

Is it his turn? NU boasts some known quantities in Tony Jones, Christian Jones and Dan Vitale, all of whom excelled in the first few weeks. The Wildcats, though, can establish another threat. Dickerson played well in spring, but the loaded depth chart hasn't done him any favors. He's picked it up in practice of late, and I'm predicting an early touchdown from the sophomore wideout.

Defensive Big Playmaker: Dwight White

Even against Maine, any strong play from Dwight White would benefit the NU secondary. He could use some confidence, some memory of success. Forced into the starting lineup–way too soon–White has been average at best in the first three contests. He's trying to work his speed and aggressive impulses into some picks; one this weekend would help lead him into a superior Ohio State attack.

Offensive Sleeper: Andrew Scanlan

I'll continue to label Scanlan as my "wildly underrated redshirt freshman" pick, as someone who will be a force in future seasons. He's shown great rapport with Matt Alviti on the scout team, showcasing impressive consistency. The former three-star recruit projects to be a solid future wideout; I'm guessing he'll have his first college reception this weekend.

Defensive Sleeper: Joseph Jones

I'm expecting another redshirt freshman to make an impact. After an outstanding close to training camp, Jones joined the list of promising linebackers for NU. He made a strong transition from safety, and when the outcome is decided, could be an interesting backup look. It might not show up yet, but Jones will eventually work his way into a starter's role.

Final Score: Northwestern 38, Maine 14

No slow start for NU: Kain Colter and Trevor Siemian air it out, with Green running through an overmatched defense. After that, we'll watch the backups and meet deadline.

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