2015 SG Aaron Jordan talks Northwestern offer

Chris Collins went to Aaron Jordan's open gym on Tuesday and offered the four-star prospect. The 2015 shooting guard opens up about his NU offer and recruitment.


Chris Collins took advantage of an ideal opportunity. On Tuesday, he offered a top-100 in-state shooting guard whose perfect school offers him a "great education."

Aaron Jordan's recruitment intensified quickly, and for good reason. The Plainfield East (Ill.) standout might be among the best shooters in his class.

He's a natural leader with plus-defense whose skillset will easily carry over to the college arena.

Wisconsin made him an immediate priority. Tom Crean recently offered. Collins patiently waited.

Collins has made NU a desirable offer through exclusivity. If you receive one, expect an absolute blitz from Collins and another assistant. Though the Wildcats arrived late, they should be major players to land Jordan.

Former Northwestern assistant Tavaras Hardy began to recruit Jordan, bringing members of the Illinois Stars AAU program to campus. Then, that crew included Jordan, Joseph Toye (now with Meanstreets) and K.J. Santos (reclassified to the group of 2016).

Throughout the spring and summer, Jordan established himself a steady, dynamic four-star guard. He's a potential 45-40-80 shooter—the type of guy every team can use. After picking up contact in the past two weeks, Collins left his impression.

"He came to school and watched me play in open gym [and then offered]" Jordan said. "It was a great feeling."

Here, more so than some of his other options, Jordan can help to establish tradition. He listed Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Creighton and Xavier as some of the schools making a major push.

Does he think Collins can turn it around in Evanston?

"Yeah, I do," he said. "He's come from nothing but winning."

Again, the reputation pays dividends.

Collins has overseen a quick recruiting spike, already hauling in four exciting prospects for his 2014 class. It centers on the shooters, and guys who can spread the floor to create matchup nightmares. There's a trend.

Yesterday, Collins–unfazed by the team's past–pushed for another top in-state player. Aaron Jordan is worth monitoring; he'd help to turn the program.

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