Northwestern Practice Notes: 11/20

Some notes from Northwestern's Wednesday session...

— Malin Jones has been indefinitely suspended from the team for violating team policy, Pat Fitzgerald told reporters after practice. Jones did not practice Wednesday and will not play for the rest of the season. Fitzgerald said he "fully" expects Jones to be eligible by the start of spring practice.

— While the Jones news came shortly after word of Dareian Watkins' change of plans spread, what we saw on the field was much more encouraging. Kain Colter had an absolute field day under center, hitting receivers all over the field and finding space with great ease. He made Christian Jones a favorite target, and the two connected on one incredibly executed comeback route in the corner of the end zone.

— On the other hand, Trevor Siemian is still struggling to string together two good performances. He's been constrained almost exclusively to short passes in the flat and along the sidelines, which have been successful for him so far. However, he's still staring down receivers, which is how Jimmy Hall interrupted a sideline comeback route and picked off Siemian. This habit, which is especially pronounced on these sideline comebacks, has been a major for issue for quarterback 1b all season, and it doesn't seem to be getting any better.

— Speaking of Jimmy Hall, he had a monster day terrorizing Siemian and Matt Alviti. Before picking off Siemian along the sideline, he intercepted a pass to Mike Jensen, who was running a post route over the middle. Later on, he tipped up a pass by the sideline into the hands of Ibraheim Campbell. Sophomore corner Jarell Williams also got in on the fun, picking off Siemian in the flat.

— The players—and reporters—were forced to contend with some brutal weather Wednesday morning. It was around 30 degrees when practice started, with gusts of wind from 20-25 mph throughout the session. After practice, Fitz said he appreciated the opportunity to get the player acclimated to what they'd be facing Saturday, which looks to have similar weather.

— "We're going to have a perfect week of weather to prepare us for Saturday…so I thought they handled it pretty well from an attitude standpoint—having fun with it, embracing it and just going to work," he said. "The cold is what it is—it's a mindset, it's an attitude and it is what it is. So you prepare for it."

— When asked if he was game planning for the weather, Fitz said of course he was, and even joked that he'd be receptive to some spiritual assistance.

"You know Jobu?" he asked with a grin, referencing Pedro Cerrano's idol in Major League. "I can use Jobu right now, or something."

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