What's next for Chris Collins?

How Chris Collins might attack the recruiting trail from this point forward.

— Assuming Northwestern figures out some way to add at least one big man – ideally through transfer – they'd have two scholarships in hand for the 2015 recruiting class. We're starting to see focus, but the Johnnie Vassar commitment shifts priorities. They'll be less likely to focus on point guards and combo guards, and quicker to find wings and power forwards who can help to balance out one of the Big Ten's smaller rosters.

— I've kind of hinted at this: It's almost non-optional for Northwestern to continue mixing up its current roster. With Mike Turner gone – the first "domino to fall" – they're very obviously expecting more changes. Next year's true frontline would be even more miserable otherwise, with Nikola Cerina departing and Gavin Skelly serving as more of the "stretch four" mold. Considering they evaluated Jamal Aytes, who ended up at BYU, I'm more inclined to think they're looking at physical three-four types rather than centers.

— As for the more predictable 2015 class, the Wildcats' power forward search continues. Reports indicated that assistant coach Brian James watched four-star power forward Henry Ellenson of Rice Lake (Wis.). This arrives shortly after they offered under-recruited Ohio prospect Dererk Pardon. With a smaller group upcoming, it's almost inevitable that they'll land a power forward — regardless of whether we know him by name at this point. Fans know they need bigs; the coaching staff fully acknowledges it.

— I wouldn't be surprised if the staff went all out for local shooting guard Aaron Jordan. He'd be an immediate starter, and likely part of a promising and young three-guard rotation with Vassar and Bryant McIntosh. Jordan's one of the best options in state and a perfect opportunity for Northwestern. He's an outstanding shooter with a high basketball IQ and "sure thing" status. He also seems worth the effort, despite significant interest from schools including Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin.

— If I were part of the Northwestern coaching staff, I'd recommend continued pursuit of ace small forward Joseph Toye — a dynamite athlete with lofty potential. He fits their "athlete mold" and surprisingly unnoticed effort to draw highlight reel dunkers and guys who can move the ball upcourt. They are, however, excited about 2015 small forward O.G. Anunoby. He's in part ideal because he's a sort of three-four hybrid. I'd guess he has high offer potential with a consistently strong high school season and AAU slate.

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