Dave Sobolewski returns; role still hazy

Dave Sobolewski (concussion) will return to play against Iowa on Saturday.

No one knew about Dave Sobolewski's concussion until minutes before the Illinois game.

To that point, he'd been a major contributor to the team's struggles, shooting 26 percent from the field and 17 percent from three-point range.

He left, and the fact is this: They played better. The Wildcats reeled off three wins in four games, beating Illinois, Indiana and Purdue.

Kale Abrahamson replaced him in the starting lineup—with positive results on defense. The team bore down and held opponents to poor shooting numbers and low point totals.

Sobolewski's back, with the question now being where he fits in, if at all.

"I'm feeling great, ready to go, and excited to get back on the floor," Sobolewski said on Thursday. He called himself 100 percent and expects to play Saturday against Iowa.

Collins has implied that he'll maintain the current starting lineup, with Jershon Cobb at the and Abrahamson contributing from the outside.

The coach still reiterated the need for Sobolewski, who's still the Wildcats' only true point guard.

"With our depth issues, just having another guy who can get out there and handle the ball and help is going to be huge for us," Collins said. "We need him, there's no question."

Collins expects to ease Sobolewski in this weekend, though he did mention that the team has only nine scholarship players. Basically, you never know which guys are needed when you lack significant depth.

At least publicly, Collins has shown patience with Sobolewski. He refused to rule out Sobolewski taking on an enhanced role. With this team, really, it seems you never know what'll happen next.

"We'll see how it goes," Collins said. "I'm not afraid to play my best players big minutes, and we don't have a ton of guys. I expect him to be a key part of what we're doing."

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