A Letter from the Publisher

A message from the publisher of PurpleWildcats.com, Nick Medline.

New year, new Purple Wildcats.

Beginning Thursday morning, our website completed its redesign.

The front page now holds 10 story files instead of four, making it possible for PurpleWildcats.com to highlight deeper and more meaningful content for our readers.

Our top three secondary stories–just below the headline–will concentrate on the revenue sports. With NU football trying to return to prominence, and Chris Collins leading the Wildcats to new heights, we'll closely cover the progress of these teams for 365 days a year.

Our next three will center on recruiting profiles. As Pat Fitzgerald begins to rebuild on the trail, we'll post frequent updates on top prospects and commitments. Not only that, throughout the summer, we'll continue to move our basketball recruiting coverage forward by attending crucial AAU events and tournaments.

The next three form the backbone of PurpleWildcats.com—NU's victories. The bottom left corner will hold an always-updated list of football commitments, with the bottom right now reflecting Collins' five basketball pledges. In the middle, you'll see our latest recruiting update from either sport. In case you missed it during a busy day, you'll know where to look.

Thank you to the many, many people who made PurpleWildcats.com look cleaner and more organized. It would be impossible without the help of an entire network.


More important than the redesign, though, is that it symbolizes the long-term investment in PurpleWildcats.com.

We're committed to realizing our goals, continuing our progress and making this site as effective as it can possibly be.

We strive to be the most consistent and reliable Northwestern sports subscriber website. We're not taking days off, or missing anything on the pulse of NU athletics.

We also want to remain one of the foremost sources for breaking news, whether on coaching searches, in recruiting or any major football and basketball development.

And in many of these ways, we've succeeded. Part of that is due to the work of my friend and partner, Steven Goldstein, who's shown unparalleled commitment as a senior writer for PW.

Contractually speaking, we're locked in through the 2014 calendar year—at the very least. As undergraduate students, we hope to bring less of the learning curve and more of the enthusiasm.

Sports are defined by the concept: "What have you done for me lately?" We hope to embrace that: PurpleWildcats.com is only as good as its latest story, newsbreak or insight. Moving into 2014, a website and staff intact, we'll be focusing on several areas:

Hard news lean: None of the fluff, more of the hard-hitting concepts that make beat writing worthwhile.
Forums and interaction: Looking into finding someone fully invested in expanding our quieter, disappointing forums.
Valuing subscribers: Making the best possible experience for our subscribers, by far.

This isn't solely a dig to expand subscribers. Promotions and recruiting season can do that itself. But if you love Northwestern sports, recruiting and consistency, why not? We're passionate about our overall product, guarantee your satisfaction with a Premium subscription, and promise to spend every single day making PurpleWildcats.com better than it was the day before.

I look forward to the redesign. I look forward to another year of covering Northwestern. I hope that this will be the start of a special season.

Thank you,
Nick Medline
Publisher | PurpleWildcats.com

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