2015 P/K Seibert picks up special NU offer

Austin Seibert didn't know he was offered—at first. When he figured it out, he understood what it meant. Northwestern views him as the potential kicker of its future.

Austin Seibert spent the perfect Junior Day at Northwestern—with one minor hitch.

The 2015 Belleville (Ill.) kicker/punter visited Pat Fitzgerald in his office, but missed the important point of the meeting.

"I didn't catch the offer," Seibert told PurpleWildcats.com. "I didn't know until four hours later."

Then, he ran into one of the assistants, who said something along the lines of: "Hey Austin, you gonna be a Wildcat?" He said he'd consider if the offer came through. When the assistant double-checked with Fitz, and informed Seibert of the offer, the specialist understood the honor.

"They haven't offered a kicker this early on," he said. "And after Jeff [Budzien]'s career, to come out and offer me, it's great."

Budzien's storied time at NU, it seems, will play a crucial role in recruiting future kickers. An excellent ambassador to the program, Budzien continued the recent strong kicker tradition in Evanston.

The Wildcats have an excellent chance of landing Seibert, who told PW he expects to commit by May. With the local advantage—and limited time for Seibert to check out other schools—they're in naturally strong position.

It speaks to Seibert's ability, of course, that they offered a kicker this early in the year. With redshirt freshman Hunter Niswander more likely to take on punting duties in the long term, the Wildcats could use another specialist on the roster.

Seibert holds other offers from Indiana, Miami (Fla.), Kentucky and Missouri—all an indication of his strengths.

"I wasn't expecting to get this many offers," he said. "It's just about the hard work. I try to stay modest with it all."

That hard work evidently paid off. He's committed to the full workout regimen: kicking three to four days a week, lifting weights, doing leg extensions, stretching. He's now benching approximately 300 pounds, with that strength translating to well-rounded athleticism.

When considering his offers, NU—at the very least—has a clear edge in one area: "As of right now, Northwestern has everyone beat in the education. If I go to Northwestern, I'm gonna have a good future."

Pat Fitzgerald might not have been clear in extending the offer, but he's crystal in the meaning. Austin Seibert could be the ideal kicker of Northwestern's future, and a crucial name to watch as the class of 2015 begins to unfold.

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