Practice Notes: Hall Settles In

PurpleWildcats offers the latest from Northwestern's spring practice, including notes on an interesting D-line adjustment.

- Jimmy Hall had a huge morning, flying from sideline to sideline and looking good in coverage. Hall has settled in well at outside linebacker, and brings some much-needed speed to NU's run defense. Meanwhile, Collin Ellis continues to hold down the starting middle linebacker job.

- Matt Alviti looked good too. The freshman practiced short routes and play-fake rollouts Tuesday, and remains competitive for the no. 2 quarterback spot.

- Jarrell Williams continues to impress this spring. He made an athletic interception of Zack Oliver during scrimmage sets, and has kept pace in the secondary's second unit.

- Much of Tuesday's practice was dedicated to a five-wide trips set, and the passing game generally didn't disappoint. Dan Vitale and Christian Jones both made nice catches.

- Chi Chi Ariguzo spent the morning working on his drop-back defense. Ariguzo struggled early with short zones, but made a few good pass breakups as drills went on.

- Eric Joraskie spent time at defensive end Tuesday. It's a bit confusing, given Northwestern's lack of depth at defensive tackle, but at 6-4 and 240 lbs., Joraskie looked surprisingly nimble.

- Warren Long worked on screens with both Alviti and Trevor Siemian. The short passing game has become an obvious focus for the Wildcats this offseason, and given the offensive line's struggles, expect to see plenty of screens, comebacks and short crosses from here on out.

- Dwight White continues to take second-team reps with Nick VanHoose and Matthew Harris as starting corners. White told me "he is going to compete for the starting job," but would also feel comfortable playing as the nickel. Stay tuned for a full story on White later today.

- It's early, but NU's lack of strong defensive tackles is going to be very problematic. Sean McEvilly and Chance Carter would be slated as the starters now, but with McEvilly out with a foot injury all spring, the unit will likely be slow out of the gate.

- NFL coaches Bill O'Brien and Jim Harbaugh were in attendance Tuesday, likely to watch Eastern Illinois stud Jimmy Garoppolo.

- Sorry to Gladeskat, who will never see this information.

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