Practice Notes: Hall keeps shining

Steven Goldstein with updates from Tuesday's spring practice session.

- Northwestern continues to work extensively on screens and short passes. Zack Oliver looked particularly good in a play action rollout drill Tuesday, but Matt Alviti struggled with overthrows.

- The Wildcats went with an interesting defensive line for much of the morning, starting Dean Lowry and Eric Joraskie at the ends and Deonte Gibson and Greg Kuhar in the middle. Gibson of course was originally brought in to play DE, while Joraskie is more of a tackle at 6-4 and 260 lbs. Still, the unit looked good.

- Jimmy Hall turned out another standout session. Hall plays exceptionally close to the line of scrimmage, and performed well in run defense and press coverage. He seems to be quickly separating himself in the race for the final starting linebacker spot.

- Chi Chi Ariguzo and Collin Ellis weren't too shabby, either. Ellis laid down some of the spring's biggest hits Tuesday, and both were sharp in converging on receivers running short routes.

- Austin Carr and Jordan Perkins both took reverses Tuesday. It's obviously early, so seeing some trick plays doesn't mean much for now, but we like the creativity.

- Keith Watkins got much more playing time Tuesday, lining up with the second unit and looking good in coverage. Watkins is expected to compete for the nickel role in a loaded secondary with Dwight White, Parrker Westphal and Daniel Jones. Marcus McShepard saw a lot of reps, too.

- Traveon Henry made an athletic sideline interception over Tony Jones, and has enjoyed a quietly solid spring.

- The offensive line continues to look weak in the middle, with the pocket frequently collapsing Tuesday. The guard position might be the No. 1 concern for Northwestern right now.

- After practice, Pat Fitzgerald announced that Ibraheim Campbell broke his jaw last Thursday, and will be out for the remainder of the spring session. He'll still be available for fall, Fitz said.

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