Treyvon Green looking for opportunity

Even with the loaded depth chart, Treyvon Green hopes to make a major impact.

For Treyvon Green, last year was about getting back into the swing of things. The junior running back only gained 73 yards on 22 carries in 2012, when his playing time was limited after the emergence of Venric Mark. But after bouncing back with 736 yards last year, Green has his eyes on 1,000.

"Last year I felt like I left a lot of yards out there," Green said. "I think I could have easily gotten 1,000 yards, which is one of my biggest goals."

Green was quick to tout the power of Northwestern's stable of running backs, and said that reaching that goal doesn't depend on topping the depth chart, but rather on opportunity.

"Whatever chance you get, you've got to make the most of it," Green said. "I think last year it showed that opportunity can go a long way with my performance. I just want to build off of that."

Green, who's more of a bruiser than a cruiser, said he wants to become more explosive like Mark, who he said was able "to take a play for 90 [yards] at any second." The idea is simple: Exhaust defenses by making them chase after Mark, buckle in front of Green and set up a hole for either one to exploit.

Beyond his own efforts, Green said some of the most important time the running backs are spending is off the field. He said that unlike last year, the backs are spending more time lifting together in the weight room and bonding beyond practice and workouts.

"Each guy is trying to out-perform each other," Green said, "but we still perform as a running back group, and I think that's the biggest difference for this year. Seeing another guy work as hard as you pushes you more."

Green, Mark, Stephen Buckley, Warren Long and a talented group of freshmen could make this among the team's best units. But it takes more than that to succeed.

Now that another class of seniors is gone, Green is looking to step into a leadership role. He said the unit has text message groups they use to nail down dinner plans. Despite the competition, it's all part of bringing the backs closer together.

"Having that time is going to make a difference on the field," he said.

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