Words From PW's New Lead Football Writer

Steven Goldstein on what to expect from the site this fall.

The past 24 hours and change have warranted equal parts buoyancy and skepticism. Big Ten Media Days have started, which means that a kickoff with Cal and a clean slate are creeping closer. The Wildcats also lost two bluechip recruits with the Dowell brothers' de-commitment, and saw one of their leaders forced into retirement. I expect to see a lot more days like this in the coming weeks. It's Northwestern Football, and hell, if you're not changing your outlook on something every other night, you're not doing the beat right.

For those that have followed my work on PW for the past year and a half, stay with me. For those that haven't, my name is Steven Goldstein. I started with the site in March 2013, and have since occupied the roles of weekly columnist, senior writer, managing editor and "no, Nick, Bull Durham is not the best sports movie ever made" reinforcer. As of August, I'll be PurpleWildcats' head football writer.

Structurally, not too much will change. Northwestern's week is cyclical, making ours the same. But stylistically, expect to see something different. Shorter, more concise practice notes. Weekly compilations of our best stories. Mailbags, two-part debate columns and efficient, timely profiles. Most of our work won't exceed 500 words, allowing us to occasionally invest our time and resources into real features.

My goal is to make PurpleWildcats.com the best site for football analysis. Nothing superfluous; no publishing hyperbole or starting a series for the sake of starting it. PW is here solely to provide succinct, professional coverage of what's arguably the most unpredictable team in the conference right now.

Follow me on Twitter at @Steven_L_G. Right now my feed will be dominated by Hip Hop and national sports content, but come training camp I'll be providing updates and reactions as frequently as possible.

Never hold back your opinion of the site. If we need to be doing more of something, holler at us and it will be noted. This is about the readers more than it is about us, and trite as it sounds, our work will reflect that.



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