Among elite offers, NU stands out to Moyer

Matthew Moyer has one priority: Academics, and he means it. The top-100 player in the class of 2016 calls Northwestern a "hot school" and more in this update.

In the month of July, Matthew Moyer picked up offers including Florida, Wisconsin, Tennessee and Vanderbilt.

With Northwestern in the group, how could the Wildcats—with lesser prestige—jump into contention for Moyer?

“First and foremost are the academics,” Moyer told “If the academics aren’t up to par, I’m not messing with it.”

The 2016 small forward and Columbus native dominated in July with his brand new mindset. While wanting to “rip people’s heads off,” Moyer flashed a new edge that kept college coaches watching.

After assistant coach Armon Gates watched Moyer play at the Philadelphia Reebok Breakout Camp, the Wildcats moved quickly to offer another 2016 standout.

“Coach Collins, Coach James and Coach Gates… All three of those guys are great people,” Moyer said. “Them, as people, make me attracted to the university. The coaching staff is great.”

Of course, NU can also compete in terms of academics. Collins and his staff can use that as an important factor in recruiting Moyer—carrying their pitch in a difficult recruitment.

“Everyone who goes to college, your aspirations are to go to the NBA,” he said. “If that doesn’t work out for me, I want to finish my undergrad and get a good degree in something that matters.”

Moyer is widely considered to be among the top 100 players in the class of 2016. NU also could be a program fit: Something that can fit his style, work around him, and value his athleticism.

“Northwestern’s a very hot school for me,” he said. “You’re in one of the best basketball conferences. Coach Collins has coaching experience from one of the best programs in the country. He’s going to give me an opportunity to play my game.”

And at the very least, Northwestern has another top-100 player listening.

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