Presser Notes: Jumping Off The Boat

Pat Fitzgerald discusses team morale, Western Illinois and Stephen Buckley's new position.

- Pat Fitzgerald announced Monday that Stephen Buckley will be playing wide receiver now. Cam Dickerson told me last week that Buckley was practicing with the wideouts, and now things are official. “He knows our offense inside and out...We need to move Buck around to fill some holes.”

- On Northwestern's grueling practice regimen last week: “I thought the guys responded well to it. We probably had our best practice on Friday.”

- After spending much of last week taking ownership of the team's struggles, and calling the Wildcats an "embarrassment," Fitz changed his tune Monday. “We’ve lost two games by one score. I know a lot of people are jumping off the boat, but chill out.” It was, to say the least, surprising. Fitzgerald also attributed part of the bad start to a lack of eligible practice time, and dismissed the idea of using the two-QB system this week.

- On C.J. Robbins' suspension: “I’m not in the mood to write a check.”

- Among the bigger developments of the presser: The team will be on the east sideline, by the student section, against Western Illinois this week. Fitzgerald says that the game is by no means an automatic win, and praised the team's first half performance against Wisconsin earlier this year.

- Fitzgerald declined to elaborate on how Justin Jackson and Solomon Vault will see an increased workload going forward, but he did compare Jackson to a young Tyrell Sutton.

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