NU Sports News Digest for Thursday 7/24

<b>**Big 10 Media Day Edition**</b> <br> <b>Updated</b><br><br> Lots of stories on Big 10 <b>Football </b>Media Day<br> There's recruiting too<br> Academics and Ephedra in the news also<br> and the <b>PGA Cats</b> start play again...


Randy Walker at Media Day
Northwestern Coach Randy Walker [Big 10]
Northwestern Coach Randy Walker [Real Audio] [Big 10]

Big Ten Kickoff Luncheon Set for July 24 [NU Sports]
Big 10
It was Media Day at the Big 10 Kickoff Luncheon...
College Football: Big Ten wants to restore Rose Bowl tradition

Big Ten coaches in no rush for playoff [Chiago Trib]

Big Ten keeping an eye on bottom line [Sun Times]

Tressel parries queries about Clarett case [Sun Times]
So far, Tressel pleads ignorant [Daily Herald]
All eyes on Buckeyes [Chicago Trib]

Andrew Bagnato: Coaches beware: Behavior a big issue [Chicago Trib]
From Purple Reign/The Insiders:
RB Ray Jones:
Names a favorite and a top six []


Wildcat cagers to play in SunClassic [Evanston Review]


Lawmakers say Congress should rewrite law regulating ephedra [AP/Daily Southtown]

NCAA Council Listens To New Academic Proposals [CNNSI]
New academic proposals made to NCAA [Daily Southtown/AP]

NFL Cats
Austin King's Training Camp Diary

And you think linemen don't hold?
Check this picture...

Looks like the Browns will be using both Barry Gardner and Kevin Bentley in their Linebacker rotation
Top battles, issues of camp [Plain Dealer]

FWIW - Sam Simmons is on the Dolphins Training Camp roster, but there's more talk of the 4 top guys.

PGA Cats

Where They're Playing this week -
Tee Times Local
Luke Donald: Taking the week off...

* Playing The Nationwide Tour
Dayton Open
Jim Benepe - Not Playing

Jesse Daley - Tee Times:
Thursday: 9:05 1st Tee
Friday: 1:55 10th Tee

* Playing the Canadian Tour
Victoria Open
Josh Habig -Tee Times:
Thursday: 8:10 AM 1st Tee
Friday:  1:10 PM 10th Tee

* Playing The NGA/Hooters Tour
No Tournaments until August
Bjorn Widerstedt -

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