Texas HS All-Star football game.

One of our regular readers watched the game on tape, and was impressed..."> Texas HS All-Star football game.

One of our regular readers watched the game on tape, and was impressed...">

NU Recruit Eddie Simpson stars in All Star Game

NU recruit <b>Eddie Simpson</b> has been one of NU's "Stealth" recruits, few fans, even in Texas, knew much about him until last weekend when he was one of the major players in the <b>Texas HS All-Star football game</b>.<br><br> One of our regular readers watched the game on tape, and was impressed...

Many of you know Bobby D - a long time Purple Reign poster who lives down in Texas. He got a chance to watch the Texas HS All Star game, a game that featured NU Recruit "Fast" Eddie Simpson - the NU Coaches really liked his style, and so did Bobby D...
I wasn't able to see much of the Texas High School All Star game until this evening when I watched the tape. Eddie Simpson was one of three defensive ends for the South who were credited with controlling the game on defense for the South, who won 21 - 19. The other two DE's for the South were both 6'4" and 235 lbs. - Alonzo Dotson headed to Oklahoma and Bruce Davis who will play for UCLA. Eddie Simpson was listed at 6'1" and 205 lbs. Simpson got the most playing time among the three. The NU Sports site lists Simpson as a 6'0" 200 lb. LB. [He's expected to play Outside LB at NU]

Simpson flip flopped between RE and LE in a standard 4-3-4 defense. The North ran at Simpson only three or four times. On those few occasions, he did a good job taking on the blocker and jamming the play though he didn't make the tackle. The rest of the time, the North either ran or rolled out to the side opposite Simpson. I doubt this was planned; just coincidence. As a result, Simpson was often unblocked running down the plays from the backside. He was in the backfield a lot. More often than not, a RB was left to try and block him.

Simpson's first big play was when the South tried a pooch kick-off (ala Northwestern). Two North players tried to fair catch the 15 yard pop up and, in an athletic move, Simpson may have tipped the ball without interfering with the fair catchers who consequently fumbled the fair catch but were able to recover.

Late in the first half, Simpson was about to sack the North QB, who was running laterally to the line of scrimmage, when he flat out dropped the ball an instant before Simpson buried him. One of the other South DE's, Bruce Davis, picks up the ball and runs it back to the North one yard line and is named Defensive MVP largely due to this play.

On the ensuing South kick-off, Simpson runs down the field like a Kamikaze and busts up the blocking but doesn't make the tackle.

On the opening kick-off of the second half, Simpson makes his first solo tackle. He brings down UT RB recruit Eric Hardeman with a nice hit. On the very next play, the first from scrimmage of the second half, Simpson runs down Hardeman from behind and drops him for a two yard loss.

Later in the second half, Simpson beats the OT with an inside move, then shoots into the backfield and crushes the RB for a four yard loss - probably the biggest hit by a DL in the game. It may have been after this play that the announcers talk up Eddie Simpson and state he's headed to Northwestern and was a Finalist for the Houston Touchdown Club's Defensive Player of the Year.

Shortly thereafter, Simpson is called for offsides in the most controversial officiating call of the game. It's pretty obvious that the North lineman moves first. The South head coach is miked for the game and demands that the line judge convey his displeasure to the rest of the officiating crew.

In the fourth quarter, the North pulls off a razzle dazzle pass off the reverse to the halfback. Most notable are the hits Simpson lays on the QB and Dotson lays on the HB right before they each get rid of the ball. A North WR comes from nowhere to grab the wounded duck.

In summary, Eddie Simpson had a very good game. It seemed like he was in the backfield all the time. He was easily the fastest lineman in the game and rushing the passer seems to be his strength. It was surprising the North didn't run at him more often but when they did so, Simpson stuck his nose right in there. He's tough.

But I'm biased. So here's a post that was part of the thread on HornsFans about the Texas High School All Star game and who looked good. Here's what this Longhorn Fan had to say:

Simpson (DE) was really impressive. He was always in the North's backfield. Not sure where he's going (ND?).
So a Northwestern recruit looks good and they think he's going to Notre Dame? Typical. BTW, Northwestern recruited Eric Hardeman and Billy Pittman.
You had to figure that any kid that escaped from the Longhorns would have to be going to a "major" program. Truth is that Eddie wanted an NU type education...at least that's what I've heard. Thanks Bobby for your report...--da Coach

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