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A select group of Wildcat fans were in the Purple Chat room last night, visiting with Midwest Recruiting Guru <b>Chris Pool</b><br><br> Here's what we talked about...

As you know, Chris Pool was in the Purple Reign Chat room Monday night - here's a little of the recruiting info he had for us [edited for content]:
Pool: Hello guys Sorry for the mixup everyone  Is everyone excited about the up coming year?

Pool: I spent last Wednesday and Thursday in Evanston and I'm encouraged from what I saw and heard
Quarterback Situation:
Pool: QB - Look for BAZ [Brett Basanez] to start but Alexander Webb will start from the 2nd game on.

CoachRoy: They think Webb will win out?

Pool : Yes, Webb is going to be the guy. I'd just say that RW will play the best guy and Alex is going to get a shot to be that man
Offensive Line?
kwall: I heard you weren't too impressed by Trevor Rees' tip on Robby Reid!

Pool: Trevor Rees' tip on Robby Reid?
kwall: He said that ou had asked him who the better juniors were that he had played against last year and that is who he came up with.  Big surprise

Pool: Trevor looked good. I was really impressed with Kyle Wagner. Good looking kid!  There's going to be a battle at Center this year
Pool:Trai Essex is back in the fold, that is good news
Defensive Line?
kwall: I heard that Loren Howard is a beast this year

Pool: Loren is a MAN! I had one Big Ten O-Tackle tell me that Loren wore him out for four quarters last year!

CoachRoy: Barry Cofield at the other DE? what's that about? Chris?

Pool : Don't know coach, I think you might see a ton of shuffling of players on defense, at least the first couple of games.

FloridAlum: I thought Cofield was DT? the dude weighs 300

Pool: Thin on the D-Line. Just trying to get the best players on the field
Pool: Tim McGarigle looks PHENOMONAL!  Did I spell Phenomonal right?

FloridAlum: I'm surprised you spelled McGarigle

Pool : LOL!
The two Commits:
Pool : Guys, I really like the two commits so far

The Clark kid [NU commit Matt Clark] is a beast. He runs over everything in his path

kwall: What about the other commit?

Pool : Both are solid, If they lived in any other state, they'd be top recruits. Gotta love Florida

kwall: Texas, too...I can't tell you how many times Trvor was told if he was just an inch taller....

Pool: Exactly ! I've seen offensive lineman this year on film that are 6-2 but only have MAC offers and they are better football players than the 6-7 lineman

CoachRoy: back in the Barnett era, guys under 6-5 were turned into LBs by NU

Pool : Everyone thought Austin King couldn't play in the Big Ten either

kwall: Amen!  The recruiting coach for this area for Texas really wanted to offer Trevor, but he offensive line coach wanted someone 6'3' or taller so they offered someone else.  Now the recruiting coach is the  offensive line coach and wishes he had Trev.
Looking at prospects:
Pool :  I love Samson Taylor but he lives in the Lone Star State. He'd be a Top 3 prospect in Illinois
FloridAlum: Taylor doesn't seem interested in NU

kwall: Brandon Roberson was the top rusher in 5A last year and only has two offers!  He's very interested in NU.

Pool: Well, Coach Fitz will continue to recruit him hard. You can bank on that. He wants to go to Miami but they have two RB's committed already. He talks alot about the south but he might visit. Jimmy Calhoun seems like target #1 at RB right now

Running Back Prospects:
Pool : RB = Jimmy Calhoun, Samson Taylor
Brock Bolen was offered and committed to Illinois

CoachRoy: Did they have anything to say about Nathan Shanks? he was a good back where he was......

Pool : I saw Shanks last year. He could possibly be a guy to watch

Pool:  Charlie Jones from Homestead, Florida is another RB offer. The coaching staff wants to use a fullback in the offense in the worst way and Ohio's Doori Song could be that guy
Wide Receivers:
CoachRoy: how about WR?
Adrian Arrington has an offer
Ross Lane is committed
Cliff Avril from Orange Park Florida has an offer
Daniel Bick from Louisville has an offer
Kellen Freeman-Davis from Michigan is the top TE target
Evanston Cat had a few other questions he submitted on the board
CoachRoy: EC wanted to know about Mark Root from Florida? Was also interested in Gerald Cardogan and his reaction to the legal problems at UM

CoachRoy: Was also asking about the kids at Hubbard and Thornton [no names]

Pool : Gerald Cadogan and Grant DeBenedictis are both lineman they would love to have

FloridAlum: Debenedictis committed to Michigan

Pool : Yes but DeBenedictis is still looking at NU. He loved the camp and Coach Patton. Likes the campus and the education

Pool: Thornton - Coaches would love to have Marcus Randel El, Tim Jamison and Demetrius Rudd

Pool : Hubbard - Nate Lyles has an offer. Jonathan Patton is going to be a wait and see guy

CoachRoy: are there any NU locks?

Pool : Yea, If they offer Joe Ganz, a QB from Illinois, he's a lock. But the Coaching Staff wants Sean Lewis (Illinois) and C.J. Bacher (California) at the QB position

FloridAlum: Lewis doesn't sound interested

Pool : There are a lot of guys that love NU that haven't been offered yet. The prospects that NU have offered are all big time guys

CoachRoy: Who are the linebackers?

Alexander Barrow - Dublin, Ohio
Terrance Butler - Green Cove Springs, Florida 
Bilal El-Amin - Lexington, KY
Charron Fisher - Pennsauken, NJ
Marcus Freeman - Huber Heights, OHio
John Gibson, Stockton, CA
CoachRoy: Does it seem like NU gets a better look from LB candidates?

Pool : Don't know Roy! NU gets a better look from prospects when the win. Win and recruiting gets a whole lot easier
Offensive Line Offers:
CoachRoy: One more question - Chris - any good O-Line guys?
Pool : Yes!
Cadogan, Tate Casey (Texas),
David Chatterton (Texas)
Dwayne Hendricks (New Jersey)
John Kodous (Arizona)
Aaron Klovas (Washington)
CoachRoy: Who will we get?

Pool : Still too early to tell. NU needs to have a good year. Nobody has really started to set up official visits yet

TerminalVCat:  How well does our staff connect with Illinois coaches?  Colby coached in Naperville obviously, but that was a while ago.  Have they forged strong relationships with those guys?

Pool : Yes, I got the feeling that RW and his staff would love to get some Chicago kids for obvious reasons. Just no luck recently. They have several offers on the board for Illinois kids now
Illinois Offers

Pool: Illinois offers =
Kwame Ageyman  - Lake Park
Eric Andino - Buffalo Grove
Akeem Hunter - Chicago
Tim Jamison - Thornton
Marcus Randel El - Thornton
Sean Lewis  - Richards
Nate Lyles - Hubbard
Walter Mendenhall - Niles West
Jon Patton - Hubbard
Jack Simmons - Carmel

CoachRoy: how do the brothers' Mendenhall look about coming to NU?
Pool : They have a good shot

Pool:. Like I said when I came in the room. I'm looking forward to this year. Alot of experience returns, the starting line-up last year had a bunch of freshman running around... A bunch of freshman that are now bigger and stronger!

Pool : I like the freshman that are coming in and I like what I see so far this year on the recruiting trail.

Pool : I'll be on Purple Reign everyday if you guys have questions. Pass the word... and I'll be at the home games if anyone wants to talk recruiting before the game.

Pool : Guys, as the season gets closer and recruiting starts get going full steam again...Make sure you check the HOT NEWS, The Front Page of Coach's site and of course on the Message Boards for updates!

Pool : Feel free to ask questions as well. We want everyone off that Rivals board and on Purple Reign! Let's get some stuff rolling over here!
Pool : I'll be tailgaiting this year! Everyone come and see me and talk recruiting before the game. I'll give you the inside scoop on which prospects are at the game and all the good poop!

Pool : I'll be at every game and every thing that I'm invited too as long as you guys can talk the Wildcat fans into leaving the Rivals board and support Purple Reign!

Pool : I'm looking forward to meeting everyone!

Pool : Has anyone seen the new uniforms yet?

kwall: No, have you?

Pool : Guys, I'm going to get back to the grind. Again, I'm sorry I w asn't on time

Pool : Support Purple Reign and get the rest of the clan off off Rivals!

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