Northwestern fans is that we seem to have to live on nothing but rumors and sketchy reports.

Its driving da Coach crazy..."> Northwestern fans is that we seem to have to live on nothing but rumors and sketchy reports.

Its driving da Coach crazy...">

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The bad thing about this time of year for <font color="#330033"><b>Northwestern</b></font> fans is that we seem to have to live on nothing but rumors and sketchy reports.<br><br> Its driving <i>da Coach</i> crazy...

Rumors, rumors, D**N rumors

Take our commits - if a kid is any good, rumors start to fly [on some of the other chat boards] that his commit is shakey, and there are other schools being considered.

Immediately, the fans jump on the rumor - of course NU can't hold its commitments. Any good player would have to listen to the "better" schools offers.

But those who attended the Cat Chat last night heard from one participant who is apparently very close to the player in question, who found all the rumors about his decomitting laughable. More rumors?

What everyone forgets is that NU Coach Randy Walker gets those verbal commitments in person, face to face, over the desk or on the phone. If he can he shakes the kids hand, he gets a personal commitment, a verbal contract if you will, from that prospect.

Very rarely has NU had a decommitment during Coach Walker's tenure and very rarely does a committed prospect of another team change to NU.

You see, its a rule around Trienens Hall that you don't poach another team's recruits because Walker's rule is that a commit is a commit. He believes that, and apparently, so do most of his future players.

Also heard an interesting rumor during the chat about things happening up at Kenosha.

Seems our right tackle, after a Spring of wrestling with future All American Defensive End  Loren Howard, is now supposed to be tossing defensive linemen around with abandon. Seems Zach Strief, now at 335 pounds, has turned into a major force on the right end of the O-line.

One thing is certain - another rumble from Kenosha is that some of the Frosh have learned that its not that easy to crack the starting lineup of an established Big 10 team. Walker's been quoted about how fast the game is at the Div I level.

We heard last night that a few of the new guys are learning that during the camp.

Those of us who were somewhat concerned about the shortage of experienced linemen during the spring drills should take comfort .

For what its worth, there's not a lot of news coming out of anyone's camps right now. Lots of rumors, but little real news.

Even Austin King seems to have disappeared from the Tampa Bay  web site [but not from the 2 deep]. The rest of the NFL Cats are either firmly entrenched in their positions, or quietly trying to earn a spot.

Around the Big 10, Its a whisper here, a rumble there, OSU will be playing on without Clarett Purdue is stressing defense. Illinois promises more offense. The first player interview from Kenosha? Pat Durr. More rumbles about the Wildcat D.

I've always offered the use of Purple Reign to the NU coaches' as a way to  squash the rumors that were not true. From time to time the guys in the offices and other folks in the know, have taken advantage of that offer.

That offer still stands.

Yup, rumors, rumors and D**n rumors - they just keep swirling - until kickoff on August 30th.

Those who would like to get a better handle on things can meet us on our weekly Cat Chat - now, Mondays at 8 PM Central [9PM Eastern, 6 PM on the West Coast]. Who knows who might drop by for a visit...
-- da Coach

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